If you’ve spent any time on the internet, you know that school shootings bring out the worst in people and in supposed constructive discourse.

If there’s any “at least” this time around, it’s that the conversation has largely passed up gun control advocates seeking to capitalize on tragedy and has shifted to “this is how we need to discuss these things with one another” and “this is how the system has failed our children.” The latter is more deserving of our time and attention, but the former is necessary if we’re ever to get to the point where we can rationally and earnestly discuss solutions.

A video published by comedian Lou Perez helps those confused about proper gun terminology. Perez answers important questions like:

  • “Does the “AR” in an AR-15 stand for “assault rifle?” (I had no idea people actually thought this might be the case.)
  • “What’s the difference between a gun and a penis?” (Because apparently there’s confusion here?)
  • And, “if I’ve routinely referred to Trump as Hitler, should I be advocating for gun control?” (Intellectual consistency. It’s important.)

Perez isn’t trying to change the world, he’s just trying to help save a conversation, maybe two.

[H/T our dear friend Kira Davis]