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Branco Cartoon – Quicksand


Connivin Caniff | February 12, 2018 at 7:16 am


I’m getting the feeling that this will be the legacy of Trump: any cuts to government will be coincidental, and probably offset by increased spending elsewhere.

It’s another version of the maxim “any organization not explicitly anti-left will become leftist over time.”

It’s up to the citizens to drain the swamp in the 2018 PRIMARIES. Electing GOPe incumbents will continue the problem.

No funding for the wall, but plenty for Planned Parenthood and NPR? I don’t get it.

Apples vs. oranges.

The budget is bad government. Profligate and unwise, as per its nature at all times and in all places … but legal.

The Swamp is criminal government. A government of criminals, by criminals, for criminals.

Oh, we’re more than knee deep, we’re neck dee–

Oh. Now I see. That’s brilliant.

To be honest, I admit that I’ve given up on the deficit. Let the doom come, Tocqueville was tight – we can’t reach the corrupt Americans who are voting to rob the future.

It’s like that joke – married guy is out with single friends and they ask him: hey it’s 2am, shouldn’t you be headed home? Your wife must be pissed.

He responds: Nah, she’s already as mad as she is going to get, so I may as well stay and enjoy the party.