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Branco Cartoon – Firestorm


No comment needed.

So unverified claims, gossip, media reports and generally salacious political opposition research were presented to the FISA Court in order to spy on the political opposition and corrupt an election. Yet Jeff Sessionzzzzz, the “highest law enforcement leader in the land” does nothing.

Ok… now that there is funny… but it ticks me off because it was ‘sposed to be the committee’s memo. Bumper crop this year Mr. Branco…

If the democrat memo doesn’t explain whether Nancy Pelosi was chewing her cud or cleaning her dentures during the SOTU, I’m not really interested in what it says. However, if it does clarify this, I’m all in on its release.

In reality, your cartoon should show a massive dome covering the earth, deflecting meteors before they ever reach our atmosphere. The dome should be labeled “MSM Silence”