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Branco Cartoon – Drooling Fool


Wow,,, I admit I had to look up chupa…. ouch.
Spot on… painfully so….

Well, it seems obvious to me that someone has been sucking. I think they might find a little acceptance with just a touch of etiquette….like wiping their mouth when they’re done.

G. de La Hoya | February 1, 2018 at 7:52 am

Touche Branco. Democrats sending a privileged punk a$$ punk out there to spew illogical liberal talking points. His rebuttal was repulsive and condescending. I do not need Ginger Gringo speaking Spanish to me 🙂

First job out of High School my new friends parents are Mexican but they were not taught Spanish at home so whatever they learned came from the streets, “Chupa la iguana grande” Suck the big lizard, was particularly funny. The next would say in contrived Mexican accent, “liz-ord.”

Lizard. It’s just ridiculous.

Very funny cartoon. Thanks for laugh.

Gave Joe Kennedy 4 seconds. I heard, “the political atmosphere has soured under the Trump administration.” His audience no doubt agrees. How impressively self-unaware. The souring agent, the people refusing to accept results of an election and creating unhappy ruckus, now averring the atmosphere they’ve created is sour. Like an infant bawling, “This diaper we have here is all full of crap.”

4th armored div | February 1, 2018 at 11:10 am

JFK === PT109, wounded in WW2

Joe Kennedy the Turd === Pee (T) 1 oh my safe space Nein.
military is so bad.

hand the boy a slurpee with a sippy straw.

buckeyeminuteman | February 1, 2018 at 12:00 pm

His great uncle is rolling in his grave. That’s not to say his great uncle was great, but he did have some redeeming qualities. He was tough with the Soviets, he was the inspiration for the moon landings, and he had good taste in women.

Good move on the part of the Dems in selecting Joseph Kennedy III as their party’s spokesperson. Trump’s election really shows that the electorate is just itching for a political dynasty. /sarc

So, he is the grandson of Bobby Kennedy, and grand-nephew of Teddie and Jack. If he is in the Kennedy tradition, champion of the poor and the oppressed, fighting injustice and for civil rights and so on and so forth. In that same tradition of his ancestors, is he banging the bimbos like his ancestors? Myself, I don’t care, I’m just asking for a friend.

The car in the background is a nice touch. I guess they want us to remember the hero of Chappaquiddick and his valiant efforts to contact a lawyer in spite of his car sinking to the bottom while a young vulnerable woman he was going to screw slowly died.

CaliforniaJimbo | February 1, 2018 at 1:02 pm

A Kennedy should never be photographed in front of a car. I guess thats why the Dems needed 5 responses (or was it 6?) Each special group in the party needs its own message.
Next up for the Donks: Which special group is more special than the others? Battle royale coming soon