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Bill Maher On #MeMcCarthyism Millennials: They’re So “F**king Fragile”

Bill Maher On #MeMcCarthyism Millennials: They’re So “F**king Fragile”

“I think of them as emotional hemophiliacs”

You know the radical left has gone well and truly off the rails when uber-progressive Bill Maher is among the only consistent voices of reason.  Maher is well and truly over the #MeToo movement’s insistence that a comment a woman finds offensive is just as onerous as a violent rape.

Disgusted with the #MeToo warlock hunt, Maher recently referred to the movement as #MeMcCarthyism.

As the #MeToo movement faces backlash from the left and backlash to the backlash from other elements of the left, Bill Maher wades into the controversy.  Maher, who is unafraid to say things that will be unpopular with his leftist audience, stated that he is “down with #MeToo, I’m not down with #MeCarthyism.”

Maher notes that the #MeToo movement has developed into a McCarthy-like witch hunt that does not distinguish between degrees of offense or even between a joke and sexual harassment. He labels them “distinction deniers.”

On Friday, Maher welcomed New York Times Opinion editor and staff writer Bari Weiss to his show to discuss the hysteria fueling the #MeToo movement.  Weiss, herself a leftist, has come under fire from the left for being reasonable about the flaws in the #MeToo movement and its inversion of justice that unthinkingly requires the sacrifice of the innocent many to convict the guilty few.

The Pluralist reports:

In January, she wrote an opinion piece defending Aziz Ansari and criticizing aspects of the #MeToo movement. In it, Weiss argued that the ​Babe interview describing a young woman’s bad date with Ansari shouldn’t belong in the #MeToo conversation. Weiss wrote:

“There is a useful term for what this woman experienced on her night with Mr. Ansari. It’s called “bad sex.” It sucks.(…) The insidious attempt by some women to criminalize awkward, gross and entitled sex takes women back to the days of smelling salts and fainting couches. That’s somewhere I, for one, don’t want to go.”

Weiss took flak for her op-ed from Left-leaning publications like​ Alternet and ​HuffPost. The Intercept even ​pulled out the R-words, dismissing Weiss as “reactionary” and her writing as “reductive.”

During the Weiss segment, Maher speculated that there is a generational divide on the left that is fueling irrational #MeMcCarthyism and refers to some millenials as too “f**king fragile” and “emotional hemophiliacs.”

Mediaite reports:

Bill Maher tonight spoke with The New York Times‘ Bari Weiss about their shared concerns about the #MeToo movement.

Maher has previously warned about the movement turning McCarthyistic, and tonight he told Weiss he’s concerned about certain behaviors being conflated.

Weiss––who recently wrote “Aziz Ansari Is Guilty. Of Not Being a Mind Reader.”––agreed and cited examples of innocuous behavior she feels people are more alarmed about now because of the current cultural climate.

Maher cited Matt Damon specifically and how he came under fire for his comments about the “spectrum of behavior,” arguing he said nothing wrong and was getting a lot of undeserved criticism.

But he also made a point of saying this is a generational issue:

“I don’t think it’s the majority of them [millennials]. I think it’s the upper-middle-class kids who grew up screaming at their parents and that was okay. And they are just so fucking fragile––excuse me––I think of them as emotional hemophiliacs and the rest of us have to be so careful around them…”

Maher added that he doesn’t like the idea of a “police state” surrounding the idea of love.


The video is worth watching because both Weiss and Maher make some interesting points that reach beyond the #MeToo movement.

For example, Maher notes that there’s a problem when “you’re wrong even when you say the right thing.”  He’s referring to Matt Damon quite reasonably noting that a pat on the butt is not the same thing as a violent rape . . . and then quickly back-peddling out of the “national discussion” when faced with virulent backlash.

On this topic of being bullied into silence even when one is right, Weiss notes (without irony) that she is being attacked by her fellow leftists as “not a real woman” and expresses concern that men like Damon are choosing to self-censor in the face of leftist rage.

Weiss doesn’t quite make the connection between what is happening to her and Damon and what has been happening for years to right-leaning politicians and ordinary, right-leaning citizens.  She is, however, this close to the recognition that her being silenced and shamed by an aggressive, intolerant left is rather like black Republicans being mocked as “Uncle Toms” and not “real black people” and female conservatives being dismissed as “not real women.”


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99.9999999% I hate Maher’s guts. Not this time.

    The great irony is that Maher, as much as anyone, helped create and enable the very people he now holds in contempt.

    When fascists take over, they first they murder are their enablers. (The fascists know they’ve bamboozled their enablers, and they want the enablers dead before they find-out the fascists, and enable anyone who could threaten the fascist’s now dictatorial rule.)

    You’re a marked-man, Maher: the loons of the left has you in their death book, probably ahead of our names.

    John Holdren: disgraced former president and traitor barack hussein obama’s genocidal ‘czar’:

    “Indeed, it has been concluded that compulsory population-control laws, even including laws requiring compulsory abortion, could be sustained under the existing Constitution if the population crisis became sufficiently severe to endanger the society.”

    The quote above is from the book Ecoscience published in 1977. In this book is detailed a plan for a “planetary regime” that would regulate the global population. According to the authors, this regime would be empowered to create specific “compulsory population-control laws” in order to accomplish this aim.

    What specific population-control laws did they have in mind? For starters, the authors propose that this regime should have the power to:

    Compel ‘inferior’ mothers to either give up their children or have abortions.
    Sterilize the population through putting “sterilants” into their water and food supply. (According the authors of Ecoscience this would be okay as long as “pets” or “livestock” are not harmed.)
    Forcibly implant a long-term sterilizing capsule which would only be removed with “official permission.”

      Gremlin1974 in reply to | February 11, 2018 at 5:25 pm

      “When fascists take over, they first they murder are their enablers.”

      ^^^This, this, and this again.^^^

      I have told this to my liberal friends and family over and over. That should they get the world of government control that they want that they will be the first ones taken down by the new overlords, because they realize that if you put them in power you can take them out of power.

      Even the founding fathers knew this. I can’t remember who said it but there is a great quote (paraphrased); “Any Government powerful enough to give you everything is more than powerful enough to take everything away.” The sad part is that many lack the insight to realize that this is what they are wanting to create.

      notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital in reply to | February 12, 2018 at 12:56 pm

      RE: “What specific population-control laws did they have in mind? For starters, the authors propose that this regime should have the power to:

      Compel ‘inferior’ mothers to either give up their children or have abortions. Sterilize the population through putting “sterilants” into their water and food supply. (According the authors of Ecoscience this would be okay as long as “pets” or “livestock” are not harmed.) Forcibly implant a long-term sterilizing capsule which would only be removed with “official permission.”

      AH YES. Holdren must be one of those illegal immigrants to Argentina, from mid-1940s Germany….

Wonder if Maher hears the sound of another shoe falling toward the ground.

As I wrote in the last thread on this topic, to the apparent upset of some idiots, once you endorse the claim that all accusations must be believed and all “victims” (i.e. accusers) must be supported, you should start preparing for your turn to be accused, and have no right to protest as you are loaded into a tumbrel.

Maher only cares about this because it is hitting inside his own leftist perimeter. He certainly isn’t above capitalizing on the faux outrage he so often condemns if it is only aimed at the right. But this is his own turf, his own people and the right has been marginalized in this fight by the leftist culture. So, if Maher starts taking hits from the same people that he would stand idly by while they destroy figures on the right, I call that karma. And, I don’t stand in the way of karma when it is working.

i agree: he’s just upset his ox’s are getting gored too…

Speaking of the mentality, this recent FrontPage interview with Kate Millet’s sister is an amazing read about how feminism has negatively altered human society.

    Thanks, Oldschool, I appreciate the link. That was an informative read. Good job!

    Maher wants it both ways.

    Like meghan kelly, it’s too late for Maher: after betraying his lunatic base, no one will want him.

    yes, thank you for posting that (and it also led to another link) as it was very informative.

    Paul In Sweden in reply to oldschooltwentysix. | February 12, 2018 at 11:10 am

    Very good read OldSchool.

    Mallory Millett: How bizarre it is to have to argue the obvious; to have to prove over and over again what is self-evident so let me be as offensive as I possibly can: Men are men and women are women. They are essentially different and designed for a natural division of labor. Period.

    I get a kick out of the feminists’ love affair with the word “empowerment.” They have clever formulas for ensnaring hapless souls into their deceits. One of their slicker moves is to create a vocabulary designed to get around long-held beliefs, mores, taboos or fears. “Pro-choice” is their Newspeak euphemism for the casual murder of an human being; “Dreamers” means illegal immigrants; “Progressives” denotes a group dragging us back to the cave; “Sanctuary City” means a place where no actual US citizen is safe. This “empowerment” thing makes me especially crazy.”

As always, intellectual perversion from Maher. Its only virtue is that it isn’t entirely the standard intellectual perversion we routinely get from the rest of the Leftoids.

In this case, there is nothing remotely McCarthian about these totalitarian assaults on free speech, because McCarthy was right. Yes, he was a douchebag, but his claims were not incorrect, there were communists in the State Department. (I’m sure there still are.) He wasn’t claiming anything genuinely mindless, like equating bad jokes with rape. He was talking about fact. The Left will never admit this; nor will it ever admit that such a thing as communist infiltration could be bad. And Maher’s implicit denials of the possibility that McCarthy was peddling anything but fantasy are illogical, historically false, counterproductive, anti-American, and just plain evil.

Were he a clearer—and more honest—thinker, he’d be talking about #MeBrownshirt. But he never will.

Fifty Shades of Rape… rape-rape, etc., in progress and perpetuity.

For the left, the emotional rewards of belonging to the group outweigh any devotion they have to the truth. Maher and Weiss can only push so far before the threat of excommunication becomes too much to bear and they pull back.

You see the same thing from others like Dershowitz and Paglia.

What they call McCarthyism would be more appropriately called Stalinism. Ironic that in the McCarthy Era so many on the left were enthusiastic supporters of Stalin.

Worth reading, from Ann Coulter:


I kind of like the fact it got al franken. Never liked that jerk.
Also remember, no one has ever accused obaaama of making sexual advances towards – WOMEN. He’s probably homosexual. And when I post that in other forums the libs go berserk.

The Left has over time proven McCarthy correct,the Left build it,they own it.

I doubt that Obama ever felt attracted to anyone else more than to himself.

A broken clock is right twice a day.