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Army Awards Three JROTC Cadets Killed in Florida Shooting

Army Awards Three JROTC Cadets Killed in Florida Shooting


The Army has decided to award three JROTC cadets who were killed in the Florida school shooting with Heroism Medals: Cadet Peter Wang, Cadet Martin Duque, and Cadet Alaina Petty.

From The Washington Examiner:

The family of Alaina Petty was presented her medal during a memorial service Monday, and the family of Peter Wang will be presented his medal at a service Tuesday. The Army said Wang’s family requested the 15-year-old be buried in his JROTC uniform, which will include the Medal of Heroism. The family will also receive a second “keepsake” medal.

Wang reportedly held a door open for his fellow students to get out of the school ahead of him. A White House petition launched in the wake of the shooting called for Wang to be buried with full military honors. The petition currently has more than 56,000 signatures.

The family of the third JROTC cadet, Martin Duque, will receive his medal Saturday.

The three students were killed when Nikolas Cruz, 19, opened fire at the high school last week. Seventeen people died and several more were injured in the shooting.

The Army said it is currently going through a review process to award additional medals for other JROTC cadets.

According to the Army, the Medal of Heroism is awarded to a JROTC cadet “who performs an act of heroism.” Cadets are recognized with the award for performance that “involved the acceptance of danger and extraordinary responsibilities, exemplifying praiseworthy fortitude and courage.”


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Heartbroken for these children and their families, and proud of such honorable JROTC cadets!

Too bad I can’t upvote a hundred thousand times. God blessed us with these heroes. God help their families through this tough and painful time. Amen!

CaliforniaJimbo | February 20, 2018 at 6:21 pm

Having been a JROTC cadet from 85-88, I realized that there is something special about cadets. We put our values into all we do.
These three cadets bring honor to their families and serve as shining examples of the good within our kids.
May the two who have fallen live in the hearts of family, friends, and others who learn of their heroism. For Martin, hold your head high because you are a credit to your family, your country and you kept the faith.
Toujours en Avant

Well deserved. Now the President needs to get on the stick for getting this hero’s Presidential Freedom Medals instead of worrying about banning gimmicky gun accessories. They also should be granted the Congressional Gold Medal.

They deserve a memorial. The officers that stayed outside should have their names forgotten.