LeanIn is pushing an initiative called #MentorHer after their survey found men, particularly men in managerial or executive positions, are uncomfortable or hesitant to mentor or spend time alone with female colleagues or employees.

Their study found the following:

Riddle me this, how in the world are women seriously baffled that men are terrified of doing anything that might later be misconstrued as some form of sexual impropriety?

And yet, here we are.

The #MeToo movement may have unmasked serial sexual offenders and exposed predators who’ve until recently benefited from communal immunity. It’s also ensnared many others who engaged in what they believed were consensual acts, only later to be accused of sexual misconduct.

Feminists created a world where words no longer have meaning, where men are required to be free from any sexual desire, where men’s rights, thoughts, and feelings are stripped in order to make room for those of women, and worse — where women are free and even encouraged to out men years after a sexual soiree.

Remorse for sexual boundaries crossed is now frequently confused with sexual assault and even rape. Accidental butt grazes are prosecuted in the court of public opinion, and they wonder why men won’t sacrifice their careers, character, and livelihood in order to mentor a woman?


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