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10 Students Show up for UCLA Talk on Toxic Masculinity

10 Students Show up for UCLA Talk on Toxic Masculinity

“locker room talk”

When you don’t require programs like this, very few people attend. Isn’t that interesting?

The College Fix reports:

UCLA hosted campus talk on ‘toxic masculinity.’ 10 students showed up.

Some 42,000 students attend UCLA, and whether many of them think “toxic masculinity” is a pressing concern is unclear, if the attendance at a recent campus forum on the subject is any indication.

When the UCLA Intergroup Relations Program recently hosted an event to allow the campus community to discuss “toxic masculinity,” 10 students showed up.

The discussion, held Tuesday, was billed as a way to allow students a chance to discuss “the silence surrounding toxic masculinity, emotional repression, locker room talk, and broader social norms,” according to organizers.

Organizers cited President Trump’s “locker room talk,” and the recent ban on in-house parties with alcohol at UCLA fraternities, as pressing issues that prompted the discussion. Toxic masculinity and “Greek Life” was also a suggested concern.

“In lieu of recent events (presidential ‘locker room’ talk and UCLA fraternities in-house alcohol ban), we would like to invite the UCLA community to dialogue about how toxic masculinity manifests itself on our campus,” organizers stated.


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“10 students showed up”

And they all wore comfortable shoes.

At least 3-5 of those had to be involved in organizing the event…so, in reality, generated interest was in the single digits.