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Yale Workshop on Racism Gets Only Eight Attendees

Yale Workshop on Racism Gets Only Eight Attendees

“people have been relentlessly beaten over their heads with this”

When you make attending an event like this voluntary, you find out how many people really want to be lectured.

The College Fix reports:

Sign of hope? Yale racism workshop spouts usual babble, gets ‘meager’ attendance

This past Monday in “honor of the work of Martin Luther King Jr. and Liberation Week,” Yale University’s Dwight Hall and Afro-American Cultural Center co-hosted a workshop on race and racism.

As reported by the Yale Daily News, the workshop was led by Barb Mangle who’s identified as “an activist and former professor at Quinnipiac University.” Since it behooves us here at The Fix to know what expertise Ms. Mangle brings to the table on the issue at hand (like, for instance, what she had taught at Quinnipiac), we took the interwebs.

Oddly, searches provided absolutely no information on Ms. Mangle. The Fix contacted YDN reporter Niki Anderson for clarification and discovered that Ms. “Mangle” is actually Ms. “Nangle.” She allegedly was an adjunct at Quinnipiac…

At the end of seminar, attendees were given “calls to action” which included “ways to discuss racism with people who don’t see it as major issue.”

But here’s the best part of all: The workshop attendance was minuscule. A total of eight community members showed up.

How come? A commenter to the story nails it:

“Maybe the turnout was ‘meager’ because people have been relentlessly beaten over their heads with this for the last 15+ years of their lives? And only one possible ‘conversation’ is going to be tolerated anyway?”


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These events are as much a “conversation” as is waterboarding.

Next year attendance will be mandatory.

They mangled the spelling of Nangled…err…Nangle?
That shows the same thoroughness they bring to their “academic” studies.

The race card has been worn out.