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Virginia Tech Hosts 12 Different LGBT Organizations

Virginia Tech Hosts 12 Different LGBT Organizations

“work to create safe spaces for people of all sexualities”

I wonder how many organizations there are for conservative students. I’m guessing it’s not twelve.

The College Fix reports:

Virginia Tech features 12 separate LGBTQ organizations

A large southern university hosts a total of 12 different LGBTQ organizations as well as an LGBTQ resource center, an arrangement that has led it to receive high marks by a national gay campus watchdog group.

Campus officials, however, remain silent on how much of the school’s budget goes to fund these groups, and not a single one of the groups responded to repeated inquiries from The College Fix.

Virginia Tech’s various LGBTQ groups include HokiePRIDE, TransSpace, Queer and Trans People of Color, Prism Society, and Out in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, according to the website of the school’s LGBTQ+ Resource Center.

The groups promote a diverse assortment of missions and causes. HokiePRIDE, according to its Facebook page, was originally founded in 1971 as the Gay Student Alliance.

“We, the diverse gender and sexuality and allied population of Virginia Tech, will work to create safe spaces for people of all sexualities, gender identities and expressions,” reads its mission statement, in part.

TransSpace is “a place where trans individuals can share resources with each other in a conversational manner.” According to its Facebook page, the organization hopes to “provide a safe space for Virginia Tech students (undergrad and graduate), faculty, and alumni under the trans umbrella to meet each other, form community, and discuss issues relevant to their identities and to their lives in general.”


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Balkanization of the “non-binary” fringe is an interesting thing. Is it a trend? Do other universities have a similar collection of interests? How many people belong to more than one of these organizations? What is the total membership? What exactly is the point of all this activity?

I’m thinking some PhD student in queer studies, or sociology, or anthropology, or pretty much any other social “science” has a ready made thesis topic here.

Do they have a Pink Pistols chapter?

nordic_prince | January 6, 2018 at 1:23 pm

I’m betting they don’t give a flying fig about working “to create safe spaces” for Christians and conservatives – or for that matter, anyone who holds to a sexual binary and/or the historical definition of marriage.