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URI Prof Wants Counseling for Student Victims of Microaggressions

URI Prof Wants Counseling for Student Victims of Microaggressions

“many students cope with microaggressions by going home and crying it out”

If you need counseling for microaggressions, you don’t need to be in college, you need psychiatric hospitalization.

Campus Reform reports:

Prof suggests counseling for victims of microaggressions

An associate professor at the University of Rhode Island (URI) recently discovered that many students cope with “racial microaggressions” by going home and crying it out.

Annemarie Vaccaro, who teaches graduate classes at URI, used focus groups to probe 18 students of color on how they cope with the “racial microaggressions” they face on their predominantly white women’s college campus.

The study was published in the most recent issue of the Journal of Women in Higher Education, which aims to publish research on issues impacting women at all levels of higher education.

Microaggressions can include many “brief and common” perceived insults or slights, according to Vaccaro—who, as Campus Reform reported last August, coined the term “invisibility microaggressions” to describe when students of color “feel invisible.”

In her latest study, Vaccaro found that many students cope with microaggressions by going home and crying it out. In a section titled, “It’s Easier to Just Go Home,” she details some of the coping mechanisms that her interviewees used.

“Kim, who described herself as introverted, found it easier to say nothing and retreat to the comfort of home where she could cry it out,” Vaccaro writes, adding that Kim, an Asian student, told her that “It’s so easy to just want to retreat, and…just be like ‘I don’t think I want to do this anymore.’ It’s just easier to go home.”


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Since microagressions are, by definition, small (well, per the term at least), I envision the Microagression Counseling Center to resemble Lucy van Pelt’s doctor’s office from the Peanuts comic strip. (Especially considering the highly comical aspect of this whole topic.)

The Doctor Is In….but the “victims” are OUT (of their minds).

The Friendly Grizzly | January 3, 2018 at 11:43 am

The counseling the “victims” need is two weeks’ duty in places like the Stroger Hospital ER in Chicsgo,or County USC Med Center in east Los Angeles. Or, maybe bedpan duty in a “finishing school” (old folks’ home).

The UNIVERSITY of Rhode Island is supposed to deliver an advanced educational experience, not Kindergarten 101. If you can’t deal with insults – even fairly big ones – then you have NO place at a university.

Add another one to the “not going to send my kid there” list . . .

Microagressions? I highly doubt any employer will even care what that word is and the word rejection on the job application will be in a red bold ink on the newly graduate student’s resume. Welcome to the real world, can’t deal with difference of opinion, can’t deal with others? Then the real world will chew them up, and spit them out real good.