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University’s LGBT Group Leaders Resign After Facebook Post Targets Minorities

University’s LGBT Group Leaders Resign After Facebook Post Targets Minorities

“comments were inappropriate and offensive”

This happened at George Washington University. A clash of identity politics.

The College Fix reports:

Shakeup: LGBTQ group leaders out after Facebook post targets minorities

A shakeup at a George Washington University LGBT group came after the vice president of the group claimed in a Facebook post that minority LGBT members rarely attend the organization’s meetings.

The president, public relations chair and events chair of George Washington University’s Association of Queer Women and Allies’ executive board stepped down shortly after vice president Juliana Kogan “said in a Facebook group for LGBTQ women at GW last month that people of color don’t attend AQWA events,” according to The GW Hatchet.

The post sparked “online backlash from members of the group who said the comments were inappropriate and offensive,” The Hatchet reported.

Though none of the resigned members evidently had anything to do with the post, they nonetheless stepped down “in an effort to form a more representative leadership.” All but one of the eight members of the current executive board are white.

“The elections are our way of having the community decide if they still have trust in us and the members that do decide to run again, if they deserve to have these positions and to refresh and to reinvigorate and make the AQWA e-board inclusive,” the former president told The Hatchet.


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Because telling the truth is “inappropriate and offensive.”

Yup. The (African?) elephant in the room never addressed was ” Do minority LGBTXYZ attend the meetings or not?”.

If (1) they actually don’t then a all this Victorian-era fainting couch theatrics is stupid.

If (2) they do attend then what the hell is wrong with correcting a misconception without chopping someone’s head off?

Char Char Binks | January 20, 2018 at 6:04 pm

It’s okay to point out that minorities don’t attend the meetings, true or not, as long as the blame is placed squarely on the white patriarchy. Killing the messenger is also okay if it helps advance the intersectional cause.