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University Course Examines the ‘Pyramid of White Supremacy’

University Course Examines the ‘Pyramid of White Supremacy’

“mandatory for Salisbury students that want to receive an elementary education major”

Isn’t it interesting how progressives in academia have adjusted their messaging to align perfectly with Democrats and the media?

The Daily Caller reports:

College Course Unveils ‘Pyramid Of White Supremacy’

A course at Salisbury University suggests that “remaining apolitical” and saying “two sides to every story” are part of the “pyramid of white supremacy,” according to a Wednesday report.

Professor Erin Stutelberg‘s course, “Diversity and the Self,” is mandatory for Salisbury students that want to receive an elementary education major, reported Campus Reform.

The proposed pyramid of white supremacy is divided into seven parts: “indifference” occupies the base, followed by “minimization, veiled racism, discrimination, calls for violence, violence, and genocide.”

“Remaining apolitical” and “two sides to every story,” along with “not challenging racist jokes” and “avoiding confrontation with racist family members” comprise sections of indifference.

The minimization tier features statements like “why can’t we all just get along?” and “it doesn’t matter who you vote for,” and the veiled racism floor includes victim blaming and cultural appropriation.


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Colonel Travis | January 19, 2018 at 4:31 pm

So all indifference ultimately, always leads to genocide. I’ll keep that in mind as the (D) party tells us how much the House FISA abuse memo isn’t important, the Pakistan IT guys getting paid millions to steal whatever they stole from incompetent Congressional clowns don’t matter, pushing the wrong nuke warning button in Hawaii was immaterial, etc.

So glad we have the right people telling us how to think. I’ll do anything to avoid genocide.

The “Pyramid of White Supremacy?!?”
Pyramids were built by African and Jewish slaves. This statement is racist and anti-Semitic!

What is needed is a pyramid of black complaining and the efforts to instill white guilt. Don’t think this is working anymore.

Paul In Sweden | January 20, 2018 at 10:07 pm

This blatant racism & sexism is wrong. How is it not illegal?