The strategy here is simple. Adhere to the left’s agenda or face real punishment. It’s called conditioning.

The Daily Caller reports:

Ole Miss Might Start Suspending Students Over Microaggressions

The University of Mississippi (UM) might punish students who make offensive remarks, but it hasn’t clarified whether it will actually double down on students who commit “microaggressions.”

The college’s outgoing general counsel Lee Tyner made comments suggesting the university would do so.

“Some people would say you can’t punish a one-off racial slur because it’s not pervasive,” Tyner told Inside Higher Ed. “Effectively my position is to stop them from doing it again and again before it becomes pervasive.”

“You’ve got to be able to cure the hostile environment before it’s created,” he added.

The school has not clarified, however, whether they would actually punish a student for making an offensive comment.

“The policy allows UM to take action when one person harasses another and to cure a hostile environment before the harassment causes significant harm,” school spokesperson Lisa G. Stone said in a statement, according to Campus Reform.