It takes a lot of cash to fund all those identity politics based student groups.

Campus Reform reports:

UMN students shell out $35M per year in mandatory fees

The University of Minnesota system rakes in roughly $35 million per year from mandatory student fees, funding things such as a Feminist Student Activist Collective and a quidditch club.

Minnesota State Rep. Drew Christensen, however, wants to give students the ability to decide which programs they fund, and introduced a bill several months ago to make such fees optional.

While the bill ultimately failed to pass, it was followed by similar legislation in Wisconsin.

Christensen’s bill explicitly targeted “non-instructional student programs, activities, groups, or services,” while not prohibiting “mandatory fees paid by students that are directly related to academic, administrative, or health services.”

“Students having to work extra jobs to pinch pennies and work their way through college don’t necessarily have time to participate in these student groups and are having to work extra hours or take out more in student loans to be able to afford these student fees,” Christensen told The Star Tribune in April.

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker included a similar program in his 2017-2019 budget proposal, which he explained would allow students to “make the decisions on what they do and do not want to fund.”