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U. Maryland Hiring Hate/Bias Response Program Manager

U. Maryland Hiring Hate/Bias Response Program Manager

“will lead and facilitate a team of multi-disciplinary professionals”

Another useless administrative position is created to cater to progressives who see hate everywhere.

Campus Reform reports:

UMD hiring admin to handle reports of ‘hate/bias’ incidents

The University of Maryland-College Park (UMD) is seeking a “Hate/Bias Response Program Manager” to lead the fight against a flood of purported “hate/bias” incidents on campus.

“The Hate/Bias Response Program Manager will lead and facilitate a team of multi-disciplinary professionals providing support to individuals, groups, and communities affected by hate and bias,” reads the job description, posted on December 6, 2017.

Minimum qualifications for the role include a Master’s degree, a “strong commitment to” principles such as “diversity, equity, and inclusion,” and experience in such things as “higher ed Hate/Bias prevention” and “diversity training.”

Although UMD claims that there have been 27 bias incidents over the last semester, it has yet to release any information supporting its public statements and continued efforts to bolster its bias response program.

UMD has been looking to hire someone to manage its hate/bias program since November. Following a series of incidents ranging from offensive language to the murder of college student and Army officer Richard Collins III, the university announced on November 27 that it would hire a “Hate-Bias Response Coordinator” and implement new policies.


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If you say they don’t need a hate/bias program administrator, then you’re a hater and proof that they need one.

Sometimes I wish I had a tiny bit less self-respect. Then I could get one of these high-paying/low-effort jobs!