What a (not) shocking revelation. In years of covering these stories, I can’t recall an instance of Republican students shouting down a speaker.

The College Fix reports:

SURVEY: Democratic students far more likely to support disinviting speakers than Republicans

College students may talk a good game on their support for bringing multiple viewpoints to campus, but some impose far more exceptions than others.

In its final analysis of the results from its “Speaking Freely” survey of college students’ views on freedom of expression, the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education found a 19-point spread between Democratic and Republican students on the question of whether “there are times a speaker should be disinvited.”

That is, Democratic students have greater disregard for freedom of expression in general than Republicans.

The pattern even holds issue-by-issue, with seven categories of speech (or person) in which more than 40 percent of Democrats support disinvitations. Republican support for disinvitations of any kind only crosses 30 percent in two categories, “Anti-American” and “None of the Above” (?).

More than 50 percent of Democrats support the disinvitation of a “racist” speaker (keep in mind these terms aren’t defined), with support from the high 40s to low 40s for disinviting “sexist,” “homophobic,” “Donald Trump,” “transphobic,” “Islamophobic” and “A Holocaust denier.”

From that list, only “racist” and “sexist” cross 20 percent support for disinvitations from Republicans. Slightly fewer support disinviting a “Communist” speaker, and even fewer “A Black Lives Matter Activist.”


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