This happened at the University of Kansas where apparently no one has read the Lord of the Flies.

Reason reports:

Campus Activists Formed Their Own Alternative Student Government, Now Want to Impeach Their Fake President

An episode that highlights everything wrong with petty student-politicians is now unfolding at the University of Kansas, where activists want to impeach the president of their own alternative student government.

That’s right: KU has two parallel student governments—an official one, and a rival Multicultural Student Government (MSG). Though both receive funding from the university, MSG isn’t formally recognized as an autonomous government, because that would be ridiculous. Instead, it’s a student group with extra rights and a yearly budget of $45,000 that comes from a $1 fee charged to everyone enrolled at KU.

MSG President Chiquita Jackson maintains that members can’t remove her because the group isn’t actually a government and thus has no impeachment mechanism.

Jackson’s own vice president, Anthonio Humphrey, is spearheading the effort to oust her. He gave Jackson until Thursday night to resign from office, or else the group will approve changes to its bylaws in order to allow for an impeachment process.

Under Jackson, “MSG has ultimately turned into a dictatorship,” Humphrey and his supporters wrote in a letter to Jackson.

Jackson retorts that if anyone is acting like a dictator, its Humphrey.

“Where is the democracy in that?” a defiant Jackson told The University Daily Kansan. “If you want to talk about dictatorship, you’re implementing that in that bylaw.”