If you want to get the attention of college student protesters, saying they’re guilty of using hate speech works.

The College Fix reports:

University threatens to charge student protesters with ‘hate speech’ if their opinions aren’t ‘civil’

Student protesters at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute won’t be punished for their activities, provided they adhere to “civil discourse” and avoid “hate speech,” according to the administration.

What those terms mean in practice is anyone’s guess.

The private university in New York has drawn multiple warnings from civil-liberties groups for suppressing students’ freedom of expression as they fight for the autonomy of their 127-year-old student union, which is funded by students and responsible for student activities.

While administrators belatedly dropped charges against students for a Homecoming Weekend protest against the university’s alleged moves against the union, a spokesperson declined to specify for The College Fix how students can avoid future investigations for undefined violations.

‘We deserve transparency’

Student protests against the administration go back two years.

The director of the Rensselaer Union suddenly resigned under “mysterious circumstances” in January 2016, with no explanation to the union’s executive board, according to a timeline by protest group Save the Union.