I don’t know what alternate universe this professor is living in but in the real world, social justice warriors are often the biggest threats to free speech.

From the Daily Caller:

Prof In WaPo: SJWs Are ‘True Defenders Of Free Speech’

A professor claims that “‘social justice warriors’ are the true defenders of free speech and open debate” in a Tuesday op-ed for The Washington Post.

Matthew A. Sears, a classics and ancient history professor at the University of New Brunswick, compares social justice warriors to philosophers like Aristotle and Socrates in his WaPo piece.

Sears acknowledges Socrates as “the paragon of open debate” and argues that his “questioning of the powerful” is similar to the methods of social justice. The professor distinguishes between debate and dialectic.

“Socratic dialectic, then, as practiced by Socrates and those who followed him, is a form of debate in which new ideas can emerge only after the very best ideas of the very best thinkers have been considered and taken seriously,” writes Sears. “Socratic dialectic does not, however, give all ideas and opinions equal weight.”

The professor here alludes to the privileging and prioritizing of arguments present in social justice theory. But he begs the question: who or what gatekeeper will determine the “best” ideas?