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Prof Discovers Mandatory Diversity Course not Effective

Prof Discovers Mandatory Diversity Course not Effective

“offered in the spirit of helping to reduce student’s bias”

I created the “Diversity Studies” graphic in this post as a joke. Now, diversity studies is actually a thing. And one professor has found it’s worthless. Who could have guessed?

Campus Reform reports:

Mandatory diversity course not effective, prof discovers

A professor at East Carolina University recently discovered that the diversity course she teaches isn’t actually “effective” in changing students’ racial or gender biases.

Dr. Michele Stacey, who teaches criminal justice at ECU, assessed the efficacy of the school’s diversity course by surveying 288 criminal justice students’ attitudes towards women and minorities both before and after taking the course, publishing her findings in the latest issue of the Journal of Criminal Justice Education.

Race, Gender, and Special Populations in the Criminal Justice System is a three-credit course that is required for the ECU major and minor in criminal justice. Aimed at educating students about the challenges of minorities in the criminal justice system, the course covers a variety of topics, including Native Americans and African Americans.

But while the course is also offered in the spirit of helping to reduce student’s bias towards these groups, Stacey discovered something interesting.

After assessing the bias of students before and after the course—using prompts such as “a woman should worry less about their rights and more about becoming good wives and mothers” and “if blacks would only try harder they could be just as well off as whites”—Stacey found that the course hadn’t altered students’ attitudes towards race or gender.


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But, of course (no pun intended!) these are some of the same folk who tacitly accept that a single “Smart Diplomacy [tm]” gesture to a nation/group that has experienced generations, if not millennia, of radical other-hatred will miraculously cause everyone to lay down their weapons, sit in a circle and pass the bong while singing endless verses of “Kumbaya.”


That’s because you don’t “educate” by cramming it down peoples throats you “educate” through logic and facts.

Which proves that “diversity” is not a God to be worshipped.