If you subscribe to our newsletter, Morning Insurrection, (*cough* shameless pitch *cough*) you’ve received my take on Trump’s first State of the Union Address. If you’re not a subscriber (you should be), my initial take (exclusive content!) was as follows:

Trump delivered a far better State of the Union Address than I expected.

It was heartening to hear a president speak about the greatness of our country instead of lecturing us on everything wrong. Trump’s speech was populist at heart but left me wondering when we’re going to talk about our unsustainable debt and whether he’s given up on trying to repeal Obamacare since he succeeded in scrapping the individual mandate.

That said, it’s a speech I can be proud of, and one that will likely have appeal beyond his hardcore supporters.

I figured Trump’s SOTU address would reach beyond his base but severely underestimated how far.

Shortly after the speech, CBS News released a YouGov poll indicating a whopping 8 in 10 respondents found Trump’s speech unifying:

A far cry from Democrat rhetoric, a majority of respondents believe Trump’s policy agenda, as laid out in the address, will help them:

75% approved of his address:

And the ever elusive independent vote? They loved it too:

And let’s talk about immigration, shall we? 72% approved of Trump’s immigration plan that grants amnesty to Dreamers, strengthens the southern border, and ends chain migration:

The respondent pool was slightly more conservative than liberal, though not by much:

It’s going to be fun watching Democrats spend the post-SOTU news cycle griping about Trump’s awful divisions.


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