How long will it take for the left to finally replace all serious academics with their favorite political agenda items? That’s where we’re headed.

The College Fix reported:

University’s spring semester statistics course will teach … ‘social justice’

This coming spring semester, a California college’s statistics course will make use of social justice issues in its curriculum.

According to the Claremont Independent, Omayra Ortega’s “Introduction to Statistics” class at Pomona College — the only such course at the school — plans to utilize “examples from social justice literature [to] help explain the statistics.”

The course syllabus states “the main goal of th[e] course is to enhance your analytical and statistical skills while exploring topics in social justice.”

Flyers for the course posted around campus note course topics will include “global poverty, global climate change, environmental rights, [the] death penalty […] civil rights, [and] access to education.”

Ortega is a Pomona alumna who was recently was highlighted by the school for her efforts regarding Pomona’s inaugural Sonia Kovalevsky Mathematics Day, a celebration women in mathematics.