Students at Oregon State can qualify for jobs promoting social justice if they pay for a course which trains them.

Campus Reform reports:

Students required to pay for own ‘social justice’ training

The Oregon State University (OSU) diversity center is hiring two college students to promote “social justice” and “cultural engagement” on campus.

In a recent job posting, OSU highlights that the two students will fill the newly created positions of Social Change Leadership Liaisons, working up to 20 hours a week with the school’s Diversity and Cultural Engagement office (DCE).

The DCE offers numerous annual social justice programs to students, including a longstanding Examining White Identity retreat, a Womxn of Color support group, an annual Examining Masculinities conference, and many others.

The new hires will assist with the DCE’s programming, and are expected to enroll in a two-credit course on “Foundations of Social Justice Leadership” as a condition of their employment. While the course is not yet listed on the school’s course catalogue, the job posting indicates that it is “forthcoming.”

According to the 2017-2018 OSU tuition schedule, the class would cost in-state students $490, while out-of-state students would need to pay $1,523. As the position pays $11.25 an hour, this means that in-state students would need to work 43.55 hours to pay for the required class, while out-of-state students would need to work 135.37 hours.