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Mizzou Dean Claims She Was Fired for Criticizing Diversity Quotas

Mizzou Dean Claims She Was Fired for Criticizing Diversity Quotas

“now suing the school for wrongful termination”

Identity politics has worked out so well for Mizzou, hasn’t it? Oh wait, no it hasn’t.

The Daily Caller reports:

Former Mizzou Dean Says She Was Fired For Criticizing ‘Diversity’ Quotas

A former University of Missouri dean claims that she was fired because of her race and her expressing skepticism over the university’s diversity initiatives. She’s now suing the school for wrongful termination.

Dr. Rachel Brown, former associate dean for student programs — responsible for recruitment, admission, and student life at the University of Missouri School of Medicine — alleges that the university didn’t like her criticism of the university’s singular focus on getting ethnic minority enrollment.

During the university’s widely publicized period of unrest in 2015, the School of Medicine was targeted by social justice groups for lacking racial and ethnic diversity among its students and faculty.

Following the protests, an accreditation review in early 2016 that “found deficiencies” in the School of Medicine’s diversity practices and treatment of students. Brown partook in a leadership training program to help resolve the issue, which she completed.

In response to the review, Brown recommended that the school find “external consultation about the issues of diversity and inclusion,” reports Campus Reform.


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Well that doesn’t sound like the Mizzou I’ve come to know!