During immigration legislation negotiations, Trump singled out Haiti, El Salvador, and a handful of African countries, describing them as “shitholes,” or so claimed the Washington Post.

Their bombshell intel came from people who were not in the meeting but later briefed on the contents of said meeting, making their source on par with a game of telephone.

The remarks as reported didn’t pass the smell test, but that didn’t stop the press from losing their minds and going into full-blown outrage mode.

CNN couldn’t get enough and almost seemed to enjoy the opportnity to say “shit” on air:

Politicians denounced Trump, Anderson Cooper cried, and no one thought to ask whether or not Trump actually said was the WaPo accused him of saying. Because in the age of confirmation bias as a substitution for facts, why bother?

Meanwhile, the rest of us are sitting at home wondering why any of this is so difficult to comprehend.

Trump denied making any such comments in the context it was presented.

Then his denials were panned as a sad attempt to brush off what we KNOW he said.

Thank God there remain a few people equipped with large megaphones who still care about the truth, even if it’s not favorable to a narrative.

As I’ve said a gazillion times (or so it feels), the endless virtue signaling and hair on fire lunacy of our political press corps has destroyed their credibility.

They’re so hellbent on proving what they believe to be true rather than reporting facts, that we spend most of our time correcting the record. And still, they haven’t learned.

Because it must be said again, this, dear media, is why everyone hates you.


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