Mark Ruffalo, actor, portrayer of The Hulk, and SJW extraordinaire went full sexist in a recent interview with Buzzfeed.

Speaking of privilege and protecting women, Ruffalo claimed women need men’s help to speak their minds and share their experiences.

“When you’re privileged, you have a voice, and right now, men are privileged. They have a privilege over women, ya know, that’s just the way it is. And um, and so we have to make a space inside of our privilege, for — a safe space for women to speak up and I hope, I’m hoping that more and more actors, men, will do it, but they are and there are ones that do, it’s just…we need more.”

Please, tell me more about this imaginary man jail where I’ll be free to speak my mind when a man says it’s ok to do so.

Ruffalo’s comments encapsulate the liberal notion that no freedom exists unless a special group intervenes and grants their coveted permission. And that deciding group is, conveniently, always the one doing the explaining. They always know better, you see. They’re always better able to help you and represent your interests than you yourself.

The elitism is nauseating.

Not only is this view horribly patronizing, but Ruffalo seems wholly unaware that he’s acting as the patriarchal control mechanism new-wave feminism always (claims it) rails against. Bonus, he’s effectively mansplaining what women need.

Needless to say, the response was uniformly unimpressed:

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