In higher education, diversity is the most important thing ever, except for intellectual diversity.

The Daily Caller reports:

These Ivy League Schools Have Spent Tens Of Thousands On Democrats. Guess How Much They Spent On Republicans

Ivy League schools have spent more than $1 million on Democratic candidates so far in 2018, but not even $70,000 on Republican nominees.

All of the eight Ivy League schools have spent tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars thus far in 2018, according to data on Two of the schools have yet to spend a dime on Republican candidates.

Harvard University’s ratio of Democrat to Republican nominee expenditures stands at nearly nine to one, with the school contributing $443,125 to Democratic candidates and $49,662 to Republican ones.

Meanwhile, Yale University has given $172,702 to Democratic campaigns and $2,600 to Republican congressional efforts.

The University of Pennsylvania, Brown University, and Dartmouth College all spent less than $1,000 on Republican candidates, with the latter two institutions donating a grand total of $0.