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Is it time for Chuck Schumer to step aside and let women lead Senate Dems?

Is it time for Chuck Schumer to step aside and let women lead Senate Dems?

Republicans delight in watching the lamentations of Democrat congressional women

Today is an embarrassing day to be a Democrat.

Senate Democrats wasted an entire grandstanding-filled weekend for a whole lotta nuthin. Rather than coming to an agreement with Senate Republicans and President Trump Friday, Democrats ended up accepting the deal (with nothing new in return) Monday.

Senate Minority Leader Schumer’s lack of bargaining savvy has thrown the party’s deep fissions out into the open; highly uncharacteristic of a party that typically exercises strict messaging discipline and keeps their dirty laundry away from the public eye.

The inner-party squabbling is coming from every sect. Everyone and I mean everyone, is ticked at Schumer for “blinking first.”

A large contingent criticizing Schumer’s sellout is coming from the 2020 hopeful wing of the party:

This Dreamer ain’t happy either

Democrat women are especially upset

Nancy Pelosi was not impressed. “I don’t see that there’s any reason — I’m speaking personally and hearing from my members to support what was put forth,” said Pelosi

Sen. Feinstein was “very disappointed” in the deal.

The icing on the cake: anti-Israel activist Linda Sarsour calling for McCaskill to run as a Republican or step aside

“What is best in life?” “…to hear the lamentation of the women”

If you need me, I’ll be over here enjoying the show.


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Definition of Above One’s Pay Grade – Kamala Harris,

    She’s an incompetent hysteric, and good for nothing, unless there’s an administrative vacancy available in the government of Venezuela. In other words, hillary klinton grade-Z material.

    Schumer is a particularly obnoxious character, animus towards our free Republic aside. Given the lineup out there, his replacement will be just as obnoxious and just as much of a threat to our freedom, and he/she/it will be sure to be more Grade-Z quality.

Even better, there is a tax cut (or at least delay) in the re-authorization. Not only did they ave, they gave the GOP more tax cuts. Now that is some fine negotiating.

“Our government made a promise to our Dreamers…”
No, Barack Obama made a promise to your Dreamers. One that he has no power to back up now that he’s out of office. That’s what happens when you depend upon a personality for your power.

First time around with DJT in the WH. Do not expect him to blink.

Rather than pretend that Schumer is incompetent, let’s instead acknowledge that he had nothing to bargain with. His party and his base demand open borders, but that doesn’t make it a winning issue.

    Who’s pretending? Acting like you have a winning hand when you have none at all isn’t just bad bluffing, it’s stupid.

      4th armored div in reply to irv. | January 22, 2018 at 7:22 pm

      he just had a pair of jokers and douche – oops deuces, not a winning hand even in strip poker.

      DJT has properties in Lost Wages and Atlantic City and knows how the games are rigged – oops played.

      Step right up and place yer bets.


      We found out what was in his and pelosi’s hand: a pair of jokers.

” our government made a promise to the dreamers”

What? Did you promise that if they like their health plan they could keep their health plan ? That if they like their doctor they could keep their doctor?

“Is it time for Chuck Schumer to step aside and let women lead Senate Dems?”

Shouldn’t that be “womyn”? Or is it “womyns”?

Today is an embarrassing day to be a Democrat.

It was pretty embarrassing to be a Republican, too. Why the hell didn’t they slap that smarmy weasel Schumer up side his head like this years ago? Maybe because they’re corrupt, venal, lazy, and just plain stupid time-servers. And now they have to follow the “woefully unprepared” “mentally unstable” political amateur to see how it’s done.


Meanwhile, no matter what “deal” they may make, the D’rats are still at the bottom of the cliff that Schumer just danced off; they’re the official party representing … illegal foreigners rather than their electorate. And we all know it, because they keep announcing it—with statements like “I will do everything in my power to continue to protect Dreamers from deportation.” That’s distilled political stupidity. Nice going, turkeys.

It’s another year … and I’d say that 2016 was still the Best Election Ever.

The Democrats biggest failure was trying to use “stupid negotiating tricks” on Trump.
It started with Sen Dick Durbin (D-IL) and his great idea to come out of a private meeting and proclaim unto the land the wisdom of the “sh****le”. This was schoolboy stuff.
Then Sen Chuck “The Scmuck” Schumer’s silly attempt to dictate terms on Saturday and them proclaim unto the land that Trump negotiated like ‘Jell-o’. This may have worked with the Bushes, either you “kiss the ring” or you “feel the ring”.

    MarkSmith in reply to Neo. | January 22, 2018 at 6:48 pm

    Actually, I think it was all part of the negotiations. Schumer needed the shut down to look good. Trump said sure, have at it. Schumer was thinking ha, I can screw with his anniversary. Trump called his bluff and Schumer messed up. Even if he had settled, he needed to extend the shut down.

    I think he folded since he did not want to bet the DACA because it was “Schumer’s Shutdown”

    I think it is a huge backfire on Schumer’s part. My pop corn is popping. Can they make the March DACA deadline? Taking bets that Trump wins that baby.

Is it time for Chuck Schumer to step aside and let women lead Senate Dems?

Yes. And the one to replace him is sitting right behind Chuck U. Schumer, just over his right shoulder, in the first picture. I think, just from looking at her in that picture, she’s probably smart enough to tie her own shoes!

Which is a high bar, in the Dimocrat party.

“Is it time for Chuck Schumer to step aside and let women lead Senate Dems.”

Well, sure. Why not? Nancy Pelosi did such a masterful job over in the House years ago that ovaries should be a job requirement for running the Senate minority, too.

My guess is Chucky Schmuck was shocked to read the Dems internal polls which showed their negatives were way down the sh!thole, and decided to tuck tail and cut losses.

American men, women, and children, second, is unconvincing.

Legal immigrants get in line behind illegal immigrants doesn’t help.

Bad ideology is bad ideology, gender can’t fix that.

It always amazes me that there is some magical leadership gene attached to one gender or the other. There have been great and horrible leaders of each gender. In the case of the Democrats, it won’t matter which gender holds the leadership positions.

One has to understand the common goals held by all career politicians. They are, in order of importance:

1) Advance themselves both financially and in terms of authority. In other words, they take care of #1, first.

2) Advance themselves both financially and in terms of authority. [No, I did not accidentally copy goal #1]

3) Advance themselves… Well, you get the idea.

These people are total chameleons. They will appear to be whatever they need to appear to be to get ahead; liberals, conservatives, Nazis, Communists or Cherokees. And, there is no difference between the genders in politics. They are all the same. And, their mantra is “Show me the money”.

    Sure, politics is corrupt. But even criminals have loyalty to their country. The current crop does not.

    And whose fault is it that these rats infest our government? In the case of the Republicans, the blame is squarely on us.

Chuckles the Effing Clown was over thirty years ago when he was only a lowly congress critter from New Yorkistan.

Good luck, you can’t “lead” when the American PEOPLE are going in the opposite direction.

Go for it. If anything, the Democrat women are even more Bolshevik and lunatic than the men (and more shrill and grating to listen to). Give it to us in full force. Maybe, the public will begin to see what an insane clown-show this party is — if not, it’ll still be good entertainment.

    JackRussellTerrierist in reply to Bisley. | January 23, 2018 at 2:24 pm

    Heh. Wait until Marsha Blackburn shows up in the senate 2019. She’ll tear those 8itches a new one.