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Investigation of Jane Sanders and the Demise of Burlington College Continues

Investigation of Jane Sanders and the Demise of Burlington College Continues

“where did the money come from?”

For a detailed history of Jane Sanders and Burlington College, read this. The investigation continues with new witnesses being called.

FOX News reports:

Educator met with feds to talk Bernie Sanders’ wife college

A former trustee at the college where U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders’ wife was president when a $10 million real estate deal was struck said she testified before a federal grand jury in October about the deal considered a major factor in the demise of the tiny Vermont school.

Former Burlington College Trustee Robin Lloyd said she was asked about fundraising that would be used to pay back a bank loan used to help buy the property from the Roman Catholic Diocese of Burlington when Jane O’Meara Sanders was president.

“They’re trying to pull together where did the money come from to enable Burlington College to convince (People’s United Bank) and the diocese to go ahead with the deal,” Lloyd told the Burlington Free Press .

Lloyd said two FBI agents approached her in October, but she refused to speak with them without an attorney. Two weeks later, she was subpoenaed to testify before a grand jury.

The current status of any grand jury investigation into Burlington College is unclear. A spokesman for the Vermont office of the U.S. Attorney did not immediately return calls Monday seeking comment.

The college closed in 2016 after struggling under the weight of its purchase of land and buildings in 2010 from the diocese during the presidency of Sanders.


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What the heck? I thought the FBI and DOJ didn’t use grand jury subpoenas when investigating Democrats?

pablo panadero | January 9, 2018 at 4:20 pm

Technically Bernie is an independent.

    In reality, bernie ran as a democrat and, in reality, he caucused with the democrats. If he claims to be “independent,” then he needs to actually show that he is. Not likely.