What does this even have to do with academics? Nothing. Serious study is being replaced with social justice activism.

The College Fix reports:

Gender studies coordinator offers ‘checklist’ to determine if you support white supremacy

An English professor and gender studies program coordinator at Linfield College has come up with a list of fifteen “troubles” to help recognize “(un)conscious contributions to white supremacy.”

Reshmi Dutt-Ballerstadt says that “for faculty of color, women and particularly those scholars who are outspoken about dismantling the master narratives of white supremacy within our colleges and universities, playing by the rules is neither an option nor an obligation.”

In fact, she says, it’s “a terrible burden.”

The professor writes in Inside Higher Ed that this “oppressive system” of white supremacy merely treats what she dubs “postcolonial scholars” as “mere bodies representing ‘diversity.’”

As such, to assist in its defeat, Dutt-Ballerstadt created a checklist of “qualities and attributes of those that overtly or covertly support or contribute to a culture of mundane and everyday” aspects of white supremacy in colleges and elsewhere.


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