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FCC Chairman Ajit Pai, Family Still Facing Harassment

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai, Family Still Facing Harassment

The tolerant left doesn’t care about racism thrown at those on the other side.

Last year, we documented the many times losers harassed FCC Chairman Ajit Pai and his family because he had the nerve to unravel net neutrality. THE HORROR.

Even though it’s over and done with, Pai and his family still face harassment, including racist remarks. Weird, considering that side is supposedly tolerant.

Noah Rothman has penned two opinion pieces on this debacle in the past week. Rothman noted that HBO host John Oliver became the first mainstream media person to organize a campaign against the FCC, called “Go FCC yourself,” over net neutrality:

Those comments were peppered with claims that Pai was a pedophile, a “dirty, sneaky Indian” who should self-deport and reminders that anonymous online hordes maintain the “power to murder Ajit Pai and his family.” Oliver was eventually compelled to release a video urging his followers to dial back the racism and death threats.

This episode would prove to be just the beginning of Pai’s ordeal. By May of last year, Pai’s tormentors began a campaign to ensure that the FCC chairman could enjoy no peace — not even in his own home.

In November, “activists” posted signs outside of his house with his children’s names.

His children are 5 and 3. Pai told The Wall Street Journal last May that harassers “come up to our front windows and take photographs of the inside of the house.” They also sent pizzas to his house every 30 minutes.

Like I said, they didn’t stop after the net neutrality vote. Kemberlee blogged in December how “activists” started a Facebook event to protest on Pai’s front lawn on New Year’s Eve.

Last week, Pai had to cancel his appearance at the annual Consumer Electronics Show, which takes place in Las Vegas, due to death threats. The Washington Post reported that FCC spokesman Brian Hart would not comment on any “security measures or concerns,” but did post a report from Digital Music Review:

According to a pair of sources on Capitol Hill, Pai’s security detail is now ‘untenable’ with ‘multiple, unsubstantiated death threats’ linked specifically to the Vegas itinerary. One source indicated that such threats are ‘routine for presidents and vice presidents’ but highly unusual for heads of government agencies like the FCC.

“There’s not the budget for staffing [CES] from threats of that level,” the second source relayed, noting that Pai’s security detail is ill-equipped to protect against snipers, attackers, bombs, gas attacks, vehicular blockades, and other assassination attempts. The Consumer Electronics Show is one of the largest conferences in the world, with hundreds of thousands crowding the city.

“Basically if these threats are credible, you need armored vehicles — and I mean plural — not to mention area sweeps, aerial support, and Secret Service directly manning the commissioner at all times,” one of the sources relayed.

WaPo wrote that the FCC chairman usually “participates in a keynote session at what is widely considered to be the world’s biggest technology conference of the year.” The conference allows companies to display new gadgets while also hosting “policy panels that frequently involve high-level lawmakers and regulators.”

Pai has attended the conference the last five years.

You’d think the tolerant left would celebrate the diversity of Pai’s appointment. He is the first Indian to serve as the chairman and was raised by two immigrant parents. Who is targeting him? From National Review:

The son of immigrants, he has an impressive résumé in business and government, yet he is being targeted by the mostly white and male digerati class. No writer seems willing to touch the racial angle, but one can easily conjure visions of a story about computer-addicted white men in dark basements coming after a high-achieving Asian American. Pai is a successful, visible member of a successful and increasingly visible community within the American ethnic patchwork, one whose rise has come in the face of racial discrimination — and in some cases provoked even more.

Unfortunately the media remains silent even though they went all up in arms when then-CEO of Reddit Ellen Pao faced similar harassment in 2015. They don’t care about Pai because he’s on the wrong side. Harassment and threats are wrong. Even though I don’t agree with Ashley Judd’s politics, I defended her when she spoke up about Harvey Weinstein. I cannot stand Ronan Farrow’s politics, but I prop him up because of his hard work to expose Weinstein and others who have harassed/assaulted women in Hollywood. I’m a Catholic, but I still talk and expose the atrocities the Rohingya Muslims face in Myanmar.

Plus, have you ever seen Pai speak? He is one of the nicest and warmest guys I’ve ever seen. Not confrontational or stiff, but very approachable. I’m sure if you have disagreements with him, he’d love to speak with you about the subject and engage in a friendly debate.

Not only that, but even though he is Republican, he has shown independence. Rothman pointed out that he went “so far as to scold President Trump for suggesting that his regulatory organ should yank the licenses of broadcasters with which the president disagreed.” In other words, Pai loves freedom for everyone, even if you express opinions and thoughts that differ from his.

Leave. Pai. Alone.


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notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital | January 9, 2018 at 5:41 pm

Just wait until the farmers and ranchers get their high-speed, broadband width internet access that Trump promised at the Farm Bureau’s national meeting this week.

They’ll defend Ajit Pai with pitchforks if need be…..

“Never give a Leftist anything!”

    notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital in reply to notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital. | January 9, 2018 at 6:12 pm

    “…Liberals” (in the Progressive-Left sense, not in the Classical Sense) consider their progressivism to be a defining feature of their social identity.

    This phenomenon is exacerbated by two related factors. First, liberals are generally dysfunctional, vice-ridden people who embrace what we call liberalism because its underlying relativism and nihilism help them justify their sins. (They become the arbiters of their own “values.” “Everything is gray, a matter of perspective. I have my own ‘truth.’”) Simultaneously, liberalism allows these virtue-bereft people to virtue-signal by paying homage to the day’s fashionable values. In other words, liberals are generally morally “unaccomplished” people who often have nothing to cling to but the illusion of intellectual, and often moral, superiority….

    A sore nose.

I recall when the Net Neutrality rules were enacted under St. Obama the Infallible, the local daily free newspaper in D.C., the Express (published by WaPo, I believe) featured a sycophantic cover photo of John Oliver, with accompanying article, basically contending that he was allegedly some sort of laudable and heroic figure, for “leading” the campaign to enact Net Neutrality. I thought this characterization was utter bunk at the time, and, I still do.

I had never heard of the guy, and care even less now who he is, except to assume that he’s yet another insufferable, self-aggrandizing and self-congratulatory pop culture twit whom the Left has elevated — laughably and undeservedly — to the status of some alleged “hero.”

    notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital in reply to guyjones. | January 9, 2018 at 6:02 pm

    Remember at the end of his “term” how Obama “gave” the U.S. made Internet to all the rest of the world (excluding U.S.)?

    Well we’ve taken it back!

    Sucka Barrack!!!!!

      In addition to extending these bunk regulations over a system that flourished for decades without them, Obama ceded control of ICANN to the “international community.” ICANN controls the naming/numbering infrastructure which is at the very root of managing all internet traffic. Thankfully Pai killed “net neutrality”, but the ICANN give-away is a done-deal. And oh yeah, “the resistance” is still fighting the “net neutrality” fight at the state level… we’ll see where it goes.

They’re not tolerant, they are divergent, which creates a perception of tolerance. Case in point: diversity, congruence, and other Pro-Choice policies, where individuals are judge by the “color of their skin”, [political] orientation, and worthiness, respectively.

This is a job for the FBI.

“The tolerant left doesn’t care about racism thrown at those on the other side.”

Actually, the tolerant left cares deeply about race. It hunts any non-whites that dare escape the reservation. Not by themselves, mind you, they aren’t so crass. They send their Dovermans on the chase while they smoke their Cuban cigars and drink their 1939 Armagnacs in their civilized parlours.

    notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital in reply to Freddy Hill. | January 10, 2018 at 6:17 pm

    Some great insights into that same thing there in this article.

    “Coming Out As A Republican To My Democrat Family Went Worse Than Coming Out Gay”

    “Harvey Weinstein Was the Last Straw

    Then Harvey Weinstein provided me the impetus I lacked: the media outlets that had enabled and covered up his indiscretions for years were the same major public voices for the Democratic Party, the self-proclaimed party of worker’s and women’s rights. The game was up; two and two could no longer be five. I reached my threshold where no amount of hypothetical Republican bigotry or greed could approach the magnitude of hypocrisy, corruption, or criminality I saw rotting the Democrats to the core. I jumped ship.

To be a member of the left you must be “of color” and toe the party line. Just ask Clarence Thomas. Let us hope threats are prosecuted. It’s another reason for federal concealed carry reciprocity.