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FBI Agent Strzok Text on Trump-Russian Collusion: “There’s No Big There There”

FBI Agent Strzok Text on Trump-Russian Collusion: “There’s No Big There There”

Did Strzok think the Trump-Russia case was a nothing burger?

Senate Homeland Security Committee Chairman Ron Johnson (R-WI) went on a radio show and read some of the text messages between FBI Agent Peter Strzok and his mistress FBI lawyer Lisa Page, including one that showed Strzok’s doubts on the Trump-Russia collusion case. From Fox News:

In the raw texts released by Johnson’s office, Strzok wrote: “you and I both know the odds are nothing. If I thought it was likely, I’d be there no question. I hesitate in part because of my gut sense and concern there’s no big there there.”

Johnson explained that the text messages indicate “they’re considering joining the Mueller special counsel investigation” and that Strzok has some hesitations “because his gut sense is there’s no big there there.” Fox News continued:

The full context of the texts is not entirely clear. But if they are indeed discussing the Mueller probe, Strzok also wrote that it could be “in the history books” and “maybe the most important case of our lives” — and later mentioned an “investigation leading to Impeachment?”

Page seemed to advise against joining. The texts also showed the FBI lovers effusively praising each other, with Strzok seemingly standing in awe of Page’s “passion and curiosity.”

Both Strzok and Page later served on Mueller’s team for a short period of time, with Page returning to the FBI over the summer and Strzok being reassigned to the bureau’s Human Resources division after revelations of the messages.

The Strzok text that Johnson shared was sent on May 19, 2017—just two days after Mueller’s appointment. The text also came after a five-month gap in records for the Strzok-Page messages.


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Does anybody really believe that the *top* Counterintelligence agent in the US didn’t have his texts on his *unsecure* phone archived in a bare minimum of three foreign intelligence agencies…

The missing texts will come out.

I think people are missing the larger point concerning the Mueller probe and a consistent behavior pattern emerging concerning this entire mess. while most think the Mueller probe is an effort to find dirt on Trump and bring him to “justice”, hat is only a minor issue. The truth of the matter is that they know the investigation is a distraction that is meant to discredit Trump and his administration, to render Trump’s administration impotent so they can accomplish little, and become a huge distraction. They also know that there is little there other than the hope of finding something, anything they can use.
The real purpose of the Mueller probe is blackmail and manipulation. When Comey went to Trump to inform him of the dossier, he went there to try and blackmail Trump. His message was either do what we want of face an investigation. Trump said “No” and here we are. Mike Flynn was threatened with personal bankruptcy from endless litigation from the FBI as well as attacks on his children if he did not do their bidding so Flynn succumbed. Sessons was threatened with being investigated as a part of this witch hunt with the promise of personal ruin if he did not recuse himself. Should the Mueller investigation be discredited and/or disbanded, then you will see Sessions come out with renewed vigor as will Flynn.
If you look back, it will become apparent that this blackmail strategy is SOP for the modern day Obama/Clinton democrats. It answers many questions including why John Roberts came up with such an absurd ruling concerning Obamacare and so many other issues that has left us scratching our heads. I think we are about to se some very enlightening issues and tales told in the near future.