This is what passes for the stuff of think tanks these days. More left wing clap trap.

The College Fix reports:

New think tank at Duke focused on ‘sexism, homophobia, gender bias and violence’

The Women’s Center and student government at Duke University have collaborated to introduce a gender-centric think tank on campus, one “committed to fostering an inclusive Duke experience for all students.”

The organization, titled “Think Gender,” provides “a space for respectful dialogue about gender equity,” according to the Student Affairs website. It is billed as being “focused on programs and initiatives of three key areas: Women, Men, LGBTQ+.”

Reached for comment via email, Duke Women’s Center spokeswoman Bibi Gnagno told The College Fix that the organization is also working to “illuminate the interrelationship of sexism, homophobia, gender bias and violence, advocate on behalf of survivors of gender based discrimination, and be a portal of campus and community resources for Duke’s LGBT community, women, and other intersections of identity (race, class, ability, etc.).”

The center will serve as an “administrative component,” Gnagno told The Fix. It will also act as “an advisor to the Think Tank, which will be mostly facilitated and run by students.”

Jacquline Monetta, a student at Duke who helped found the think tank with the Women’s Center, told The Fix via email that one of the organization’s projects includes “a free hygiene products initiative” at the university.