Dick Durbin’s claim that Donald Trump referred to “s***hole” non-white countries during a closed door DACA negotiation has lit a fire.

It appears to be part of a strategy from Durbin and Democrats to walk away from a DACA deal unless they get what they want (primarily amnesty without any changes in immigration practices or border enforcement), preferring to make this a racial issue. I covered this in my post, Dick Durbin blew up DACA, deliberately:

The negotiations were not going Durbin’s way. Trump was taking a much harder line than expected. So Durbin went for the Hail Mary pass, to make it into a racism issue. The “s–thole” press strategy was just part of it, as was the “chain migration” terminology.

Durbin wasn’t going to get his way on DACA, so he blew it up, figuring it will be better as a campaign issue.

Trump denied using the term, and is backed up by Senators Tom Cotton and David Perdue, who were at the same meeting and dispute Durbin’s account.

Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen was at that meeting also. She testified today before a Senate committee which included Durbin.

Durbin fell flat on his face when Nielsen testified she did not remember Trump using the “s***hole” word during the meeting, and that Trump did not have a “specific categorization of countries in Africa.”

She testified that the word was not used under questioning from VT Senator Pat Leahy.

When CT Senator Blumenthal pressed the issue, she reiterated her prior testimony.

NJ Senator Bory Booker then went ballistic, berating Nielsen and accusing her of lying, your “silence and amnesia is complicit.”

The questioning of Nielsen, and Booker’s theatrics, are part of a concerted Democrat effort to turn DACA into a racial issue if Democrats don’t get their way.

It’s all a charade that was laid bare by Chuck Schumer today, who demanded Trump get on board Democrat DACA demands or be labeled a racist:

“If you want to begin the long road back to prove you’re not prejudiced or bigoted, support the bipartisan compromise … One that was aimed at meeting the concerns you voiced,” Schumer said, noting it was negotiated by three Republicans and three Democrats. “This may be the last train leaving the station. President Trump needs to get on board.”

That’s a line of attack used by Schumer on the Colbert show:

This was a line of attack also used by Durbin:


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