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Conservative Stanford Students Demand Resignation of Prof With Alleged Ties to Antifa

Conservative Stanford Students Demand Resignation of Prof With Alleged Ties to Antifa

“simply unacceptable for a professor at their school”

We reported on this connection previously, Anti-Israel pro-BDS profs organizing Antifa campus network

The College Fix reports:

Stanford student groups call for resignation of professor with Antifa ties

Students with several right-of-center organizations at Stanford University are calling for the resignation of a professor who has ties to the radical extremist group Antifa.

Students with the Stanford Review and Stanford College Republicans are pushing for the Stanford University professor to either resign or cut ties with the Campus Antifascist Network he co-founded.

Antifa is known for its black-clad and masked violent “protests” that can end up leaving people injured and property destroyed.

And students with the Stanford Review and the Stanford College Republicans say they believe that being involved with a group like this is simply unacceptable for a professor at their school.

In a Facebook post, the Stanford College Republicans aired their discontent, saying that they are “disgusted” that Professor David Palumbo-Liu is a “ring-leader” in the “domestic terrorist antifa movement.”

“Antifa’s violence and thuggery is antithetical to the purpose of a university as an institution dedicated to the free exchange of ideas. We call on the administration to reprimand Palumbo-Liu and for him to resign immediately,” according to the statement.


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Time to take the trash out.

While the students should never, ever make the administrative decisions for any school in this case they have a valid point. Hopefully their suggestion will be given due consideration; a professor who was instrumental in creating an on-campus facist group dedicated to violence and destruction does not deserve continued employment.

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