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College Republicans at San Diego State Single Out Profs They Say Indoctrinate Students

College Republicans at San Diego State Single Out Profs They Say Indoctrinate Students

“Teachers vs. Preachers”

Looks like the College Republicans are taking a cue from Alinsky’s rules for radicals.

The College Fix reports:

San Diego State College Republicans out professors they say indoctrinate students

One professor gave her students a white privilege quiz. Another declared classrooms as tools for “civil resistance.” A third called John McCain a “war criminal.”

San Diego State University’s College Republicans have put out a list of 15 professors they say students should avoid because the educators use their classrooms as a “soapbox” and have an “agenda” when presenting course material.

The group’s “Teachers vs. Preachers” list also includes 14 professors the student GOPers say present material fairly and do not interject personal political views into classroom discussions.

The list was created during a College Republicans meeting in October and released Jan. 5. The group had solicited nominations on social media and voted amongst themselves to determine the outcome.

“Avoid professors who use the classroom as a soapbox. In this semester’s ‘Teachers vs. Preachers’ list we have identified excellent professors and several professors and administrators who are the biggest contributors to left-wing bias and indoctrination at San Diego State University. Use this list as a tool when registering for classes this Spring,” the group stated in releasing its list on Facebook.

Some notable “preachers” include Dae Elliot, J. Luke Wood, and Oscar Monge, who have all been in the news within the past few months for extreme left-wing bias.


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This will backfire. The professors they singled out as presenting things in a fair way will be fired. Classes by the indoctrinators will become mandatory.

And the Republicans who put out the list will be branded enemies of free speech and expelled.

We need to see more student groups calling attention to the real problem: professors who inject personal opinion into their courses.