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Branco Cartoon – Malpractice


TY, I needed a good chuckle this morning.

The school bully tells everyone you are crazy. What to do? Declare that you aren’t? Pretty lame. Declare that it’s the bully that is crazy. Of course merely interacting with the bully leads to the claim that you have engaged in childish behavior. Well, when dealing with children, the media, you have no choice. Your goal is to make your label stick. Seems to me President Trump is succeeding.

Going on one year and Obamacare is still the law of the land.

More talk of the 25th amendment this morning, and I have to ask, who’s the insane one here? Do these people not understand that it’s harder to remove a president, over his objections, by the 25th amendment than by impeachment?

To remove the president by impeachment, you need the following:
(1) a simple majority in the House
(2) two thirds of the senate

To remove the president by the 25th amendment, over his objections, you need the following:
(1) the vice president
(2) a majority of the cabinet
(3) two thirds of the House
(4) two thirds of the Senate

If you don’t have the numbers for impeachment you certainly don’t have them for this.

The 25th amendment is good for two situations: (1) When the president does not object to his removal but is unable to resign (e.g. because he’s in a coma); (2) When a much-loved and respected president must unfortunately be removed, but nobody wants to humiliate him by impeachment. Obviously neither of these situations are applicable to the effort to remove Trump.