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Branco Cartoon – Love Trumps Hate


“Hate Trump” – The Democratic party is now a one-trick pony…er, donkey.

That sums up the situation perfectly!

Spot on, Mr. Branco.

Sadly too close to the truth! Democrats HAVE nothing to run on other than hate!

IDK,,,, are those Republican planks or our President’s? If the R’s are smart, they will own them/take credit. Big if…
but I love the pic. TY

4th armored div | January 29, 2018 at 9:05 am

the Dims also have a platform on the backs of all the people which they con.

This is funny, but hate is a great motivator. If GOP turnout is low in 2018, we will greatly regret not taking this cycle seriously.

    Amen. The ideal would be to take every cycle seriously (House seats are up every two years anyway; no cycle is without consequence), but keeping the “sleeping giant” awake, year after year, is next-to-impossible.

    If (repeat, if) the GOP loses either the House (which would be bad) or the Senate (which would be worse), every right-of-center voter who stayed home on Election Day — thinking they’d be “safe” in the Trump era — will be dumbfounded and wonder what went wrong.

      Matt_SE in reply to Archer. | January 29, 2018 at 12:41 pm

      Per a previous post here, I detailed how I think it’s nearly impossible to lose the Senate. I think the most likely outcome is a net gain of 4-6 seats, and up to 9.

      The house is a different matter, but if we work hard we should be able to keep it as well. It will help a tremendous amount if the economy booms, but we must keep up the energy too.

Hate Loves Abortion

Sadly, #NeverTrump is still a thing, even during the Trump presidency, and it looks like some GOPe incumbents will be running as Republicans using the Democrat party platform.

If I were voting in those states*, I’d seriously consider voting for the Democrat. Both hate the President and everything he stands for, but at least the Democrat is honest about it.

    Barry in reply to Archer. | January 29, 2018 at 3:11 pm

    “…but at least the Democrat is honest about it.”

    The only thing they’re honest about.

    But at least they have that over the nevertrumpers…

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