You probably have not heard of  George Lakoff, a progressive linguistics Professor Emeritus at Berkeley.

But you have heard of Elizabeth Warren.

Particularly Warren’s “you didn’t build that on your own” speech, which picked up a theme also expressed by Obama, that people who are successful only got that way because of the efforts of others and government, so they need to give some of it back:

Warren and Obama didn’t build that concept on their own. The verbiage is remarkably similar to that expressed earlier by Lakoff, something I pointed out in July 2012, Obama and Warren cribbed “build it” narrative from progressive Berkeley Professor:

You also have heard of Donald Trump. And his Twitter account.

Scott Adams attributes a particular genius to Trump’s instinctive tactics, verbiage and tweeting, where Trump’s opponents see only childishness and idiocy:

Back to Lakoff.

Lakoff is no fan of Trump, and he focuses on language, so it’s interesting to get his take on Trump’s tweeting, which Adams has referenced.

Lakoff elaborated on Twitter on the effectiveness of the repetition of Trump’s tweets, and how Trump controls both the narrative and the cognition of his messages. It’s worth the read through how this progressive linguist evaluates Trump’s tweeting.

This chart provides a guide:

Here’s the sequence:

[Featured Image: Trump tweet for Cinco de Mayo 2016: “I love Hispanics!,” retweeted 92,677 times as of this writing]