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Video: Trump vs Talking Heads

Video: Trump vs Talking Heads

Theme song for Down and Out in Washington, D.C.?

I’m a Yuge fan of the Talking Heads. Back in the day, when I did triathlons, I used to train to the Talking Heads live Stop Making Sense concert on my iPod.

I’ve also run the Talking Heads as Video of the Day, the last time in September 2014 (which reminds me to re-up them early next year).

One of their (many) best songs is Once in a Lifetime:

It was the theme song in the movie Down and Out in Beverly Hills.

Someone just put together a parody video featuring Donald Trump in the lead role, with words spoken by Trump taken from various speeches.

It’s very well done, and quickly has over 600k views on YouTube as of this writing.


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Trump “sings” Havana.. and it’s even better…

Love the Talking Heads. I have great memories of being with a friend listening to their records, putting away large quantities of beer while exorcising his divorce demons. Next morning we went bass fishing and all was alright with the world. You cannot forget their song, Swamp, which truly is appropriate now.

“Stop Making Sense” was one of my favorites…after all the Duran Duran and ABC’s “Lexicon of Love”

Great music to workout to!

Love this song and the Talking Heads

This is a bit random, but I had the most interesting thought: What is the ultimate oxymoron?

Answer: obamacare.

regulus arcturus | December 3, 2017 at 2:37 pm