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U. Colorado Boulder Now Teaching ‘Eco-Social Justice’

U. Colorado Boulder Now Teaching ‘Eco-Social Justice’

“Eco-Social Justice Leadership Certificate Program”

Now here’s something to put on your resume after graduating. What employer isn’t looking for someone well versed in eco-social justice?

Campus Reform reported:

CU-Boulder teaches students about ‘eco-social justice’

The University of Colorado, Boulder is promoting student leadership in “eco-social justice,” recently holding an event on “de-colonizing the environment.”

The December 7 program, titled “Multi-Cultural Leadership on Eco-Social Justice,” was hosted by the university’s “Cultural Unity & Engagement Center,” which advertised that it would include “interactive activities, a presentation, and dialogue” about environmentalism.

In addition to the planned activities, the official description of the event also touts the school’s “Eco-Social Justice Leadership Certificate Program,” a project that was started in 2014.

“The Eco-Social Justice Leadership program empowers student learning with the knowledge and skills to advance both sustainability and social justice efforts,” the website for the initiative states. “The purpose of this program is to illuminate the direct correlation of sustainability and social justice work which, in turn, creates an opportunity for student leadership and action surrounding this work on CU campus and beyond.”

According to the university, the program is designed to educate students about environmental justice, “explore social identities,” develop “creative solutions and practical plans for actions engaging the community,” and more.

“The program will build a community of change agents, explore questions of identity and place, heritage and inheritance, root causes of the global unravelling, and create community solutions,” the university states. “We will examine individual actions and identities as well as global institutions and world views. We will also meet with and learn from practitioners in the field.”


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I suspect that listing your “Eco-Social Justice Leadership Certificate” on your CV will be about as helpful in finding a job as listing a criminal conviction. Either listing would suggest that the person might cause trouble for the employer.

Many claim the big crash is coming that will turn the world back into a 19th century mess. When I read articles about this, California’s chicken/egg demands, claims of how socialism is thought to be far superior to the children of today, terror over microaggressions, so many of the absurd laws in California, and so many other things, it kinda sorta makes me yearn for it to happen so these flaming twits could experience a good dose of reality with which they could not argue.
Eco justice whatever? Why not just have these fools put down on the resume or CV that they are just overwhelmingly brilliant, skilled beyond belief, and wise in ways no mortal could comprehend, simply because they say so? After all, that is the new standard of the Left, is it not?

““The Eco-Social Justice Leadership program empowers student learning …”

Learning? LEARNING?? How does one “learn” if one starts already knowing all the right answers?