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Swarthmore College Offers Course on ‘Queering the Bible’

Swarthmore College Offers Course on ‘Queering the Bible’

“This class destabilizes long held assumptions about what the bible”

Isn’t it amazing how the left thinks nothing of insulting Christians of faith in this way?

The Washington Times reports:

Philly-area college offers ‘Queering the Bible’ course that ‘destabilizes’ Christian faith

Students at a private college just outside Philadelphia will soon be able to take a class that “destabilizes long held assumptions” about the Christian faith called “Queering the Bible.”

Swarthmore College, founded in 1864, plans to usher in 2017 with a religious course that inculcates students with “queer and trans readings of biblical texts.” The one-credit class, first reported Friday by The College Fix, promises to deliver a “complexity of constructions of sex, gender and identity in one of the most influential literary works produced in ancient times.”

“This class destabilizes long held assumptions about what the bible — and religion — says about gender and sexuality,” a summary on the college’s website reads.

The educational watchdog said it could find no other Bible-based classes in 2018 at the school, although one class covered grammar and vocabulary necessary to read the Old Testament in its original Hebrew.

Inquiries by The College Fix went unanswered by school officials and instructor Gwynn Kessler.


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I’d think this less a matter of “insulting Christians of faith” than an absence of scholarly standards.

Are we really supposed to believe this is based on serious scholarship rather than, perhaps, a display of mocking worthy of a dull adolescent?

Do they also “queer”renaissance art by drawing mustaches on the women depicted in the paintings?