Goodness knows there’re not nearly enough people already pushing left wing ideas on college campuses.

The Washington Examiner reports:

George Washington University students form new club to ’embrace left-wing radicalism’

Students at George Washington University have formed a new club on campus that will seek to educate and inform students about left-wing radicalism.

The Internationalist Students Front first started to take form approximately three weeks ago at GW. According to the GW Hatchet, the organization “aims to oppose nationalism across the world and contest popular narratives about U.S. foreign policy.”

The organization has also indicated that they will seek to promote a policy of internationalism, a type of socialism that advocates the involvement of all people from all countries working together to promote common ideals.

According to Sheng Zhang, a sophomore who is a member of the organization, the group will seek to encourage students to reject a nationalistic view of both domestic and foreign policy, encouraging students to stand in solidarity with all who are oppressed.

“A nationalist approach is very common on campus, and people somehow regard foreign policy as a chess game about ‘how do we outrun Russia, and how do we outsmart China,’” Zhang said. “Internationalism means that we stand in solidarity with every single struggle against oppression in the world.”