The left is actually embracing the ridiculous idea that speech is violence. It’s just another tactic to shut down speech they don’t like.

Campus Reform reports:

Students call free speech ‘violent’ while disrupting lecture

A group of students at Western Washington University recently protested a lecture on free speech, calling support for the First Amendment “harmful” and “dangerous.”

The lecture, titled “Censorship and Free Speech in the Age of Trump,” featured University of Pennsylvania professor Jonathan Zimmerman, a notable free speech advocate, who was slated to discuss how to “how college campuses should think about free speech on campus.”

According to The Western Front, seven WWU students charged the front of the room after Zimmerman was introduced, carrying signs that read “Advocating for the right to racist, sexist and transphobic speech is violent” and “Your safe space is violent.”

Zimmerman allowed the students to protest, and did not attempt to reclaim the floor throughout a disruption that lasted for roughly 20 minutes.

“We are here as students and community members to say that the ideas that Professor Zimmerman will share with you today are clearly harmful, dangerous, and inaccurate,” protester Emmaline Bigongiari declared, speaking on behalf of the group.

Bigongiari clarified that the intention was “not to stop Professor Zimmerman from speaking,” but instead to take a moment to share their concerns.

She was interrupted by attendees upset that she was interfering with their ability to hear the speaker, some of whom pointed out the irony of protesting a lecture on free speech, which the protesters defended.


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