This makes perfect sense. Left wing students at Reed and Kaepernick deserve each other.

The College Fix reports:

Facing punishment, disruptive student protesters beg Colin Kaepernick for help

Student protesters at Reed College engaged in an aggressive occupation of administrative offices at the school are now facing punishment for their 48-day sit-in and have turned to former NFL player Colin Kaepernick in a plea for help.

“I am writing to you because the black students and allies at Reed College in Portland, Oregon, are in desperate need of solidarity,” a student leader for the protest group, Reedies Against Racism, wrote in the Dec. 5 open letter to the former football player.

The four dozen or so student protesters demand that the school divest from Wells Fargo bank, citing its profit from prisons and support of the Dakota pipeline. Their occupation includes sleeping in tents and on couches and floor mats in the president’s office, hallways, and even the faculty lounge, according to the group.

The students now face punishment for their lengthy sit-in that in late October even prompted officials to place no-contact orders against some of its members after they allegedly harassed a treasurer’s office staff member and blocked the office’s employees from doing their jobs.

The group’s stand against Wells Fargo is the latest demonstration by the group, which has been active on campus for more than a year and whose members interrupted the lecture of a humanities class earlier this semester to protest the mandatory Western Civilization course because it assigned too many books by white authors.