If Clemson is in trouble for this, so are thousands of other colleges and universities.

The Daily Caller reports:

State Rep: Clemson Not Teaching Constitution According To Law

According to one South Carolina state representative, Clemson University and other South Carolina colleges and universities are not teaching the Constitution, and other U.S. founding documents, as required by law.

South Carolina Code of Laws statute 59-29-120 states, “All high schools, colleges, and universities in this State that are sustained or in any manner supported by public funds shall give instruction in the essentials of the United States Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, and the Federalist Papers.”

Furthermore, statute 59-29-130 declares that, “[t]he instruction provided for in Section 59-29-120 shall be given for at least one year of the high school, college and university grades, respectively.”

As specified by statute 59-29-150, “willful neglect or failure” on the part of the head of a South Carolina public college or university to carry out the requirements, “shall be sufficient cause for the dismissal or removal of such person from his position.”