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Qantas Refuses To Allow Passenger Wearing Ugg Boots In Airport Lounge

Qantas Refuses To Allow Passenger Wearing Ugg Boots In Airport Lounge

Human League vocalist’s Ugg boots are “sleepwear”?

A Qantas airport lounge refused admittance to Joanne Catherall, vocalist from The Human League, because she was wearing Ugg boots (pictured in the Featured Image above).  They didn’t just refuse to allow her to enter their airport lounge, they actually got into a Twitter kerfuffle with her about their “lounge dress guidelines.”

Fox News reports:

Wearing the wrong shoes can get you banned from entering an airlines’ airport lounge, even if you’re a celebrity.

That was the case for Joanne Catherall, vocalist from The Human League, who was denied entry from Qantas’ frequent-flyer lounge at the Melbourne Airport for wearing UGG boots.

The singer was on tour with the band in Australia and was flying out of Melbourne when she tried to enter the lounge and was told she would not be able to due to her shoes.

Catherall posted about the incident on Twitter, stating that she had never had issues wearing the boots at other airlines’ lounges in the past.

Qantas responded to Catherall’s post, stating, “Hi Joanne, we endeavor to remain consistent and uphold our Lounge’s dress guidelines to all our guests.”

Here’s the relevant portion of Qantas’ lounge dress guidelines:

Our team will decline entry if some items of clothing are too casual or inappropriate. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Thongs and bare feet
  • Head to toe gym wear
  • Beachwear (including board shorts)
  • Sleepwear (including UGG Boots and slippers)
  • Clothing featuring offensive images or slogans
  • Revealing, unclean or torn clothing

Here’s Human League performing in Melbourne earlier this week:

I guess we know how Qantas would respond to the title question.


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Not the first time Qantas has achieved the coveted “Not From This Planet Award.”

Yes, the First World is a living hell, isn’t it?

Human League are still touring?

The head honcho’s at Quanta’s probably saw this pic×140.jpg

and had to ban them.