Have you noticed the left’s tendency to go too far with climate change rhetoric? Happens all the time.

The Washington Examiner reports:

Ohio professor claims ‘global warming is worse than war’

A professor in the School of Communication Studies at Ohio University recently told a class that “global warming is worse than war.” After students confronted Dr. Austin Babrow with concerns regarding his statement, he quickly walked his comments back.

Babrow, who holds a Ph.D. in speech communication, specializes in environmental communication according to his campus biography. It’s noted that “he has become active in the local and national movement to limit climate disruption (e.g., advocating for sustainable energy, working to limit high pressure slickwater fracking).”

In a document sent to students after making the controversial statement, Babrow clarified his remarks, calling it a “teachable moment” and inviting students to chat with him over coffee. In addition, he largely walked back the claim as an absolute and added many qualifiers.

“What I was trying to say yesterday is that climate change is potentially quite a bit worse than war,” Babrow explained in his note to students, obtained by the Washington Examiner.

He goes on to say that climate change makes war more likely, and calls efforts to mitigate climate change “heroic.”

“[C]limate change can’t be any less bad than war because unchecked climate change will bring about war. And war is war…[t]he stakes are considerably higher than any war humans have yet waged, matched only by all-out nuclear war,” he wrote.