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Judicial Watch: Classified emails on Weiner laptop show need to reopen Hillary server investigation

Judicial Watch: Classified emails on Weiner laptop show need to reopen Hillary server investigation

“Obvious violations of law” shown after State Dept. finally produces heavily redacted emails marked classified.

Judicial Watch has received via FOIA emails that the FBI found on the computer of disgraced former congressman and estranged husband of Hilary aide Huma Abedin.  That Huma forwarded classified emails to the laptop was previously reported, but now Judicial Watch obtained redacted copies of some of the emails, clearly marked classified.

This could add to the pressure on Attorney General Jeff Sessions to order the FBI to reopen its investigation of Hillary’s server and handling of classified information in light of recent revelations that the FBI investigation may have been predetermined and perfunctory.

Former FBI Director James Comey’s infamous pre-election October surprise letter to Congress was prompted by the FBI’s discovery of emails “pertinent” to the Hillary Clinton email scandal.

At the time, I wrote:

As the Hillary email-Weiner sexting scandals and investigations unfold, we are learning that there are thousands of emails that the FBI believes to be work-related correspondence between Hillary and Huma Abedin.

Abedin is saying she has no idea how those emails got on the co-owned computer, and considering that saying otherwise would reveal a crime (i.e. perjury and/or lying to the FBI—the latter is how Martha Stewart earned her stay at Club Fed), that is not surprising.

Comey stated in his letter to Congress that the investigative team working on the Weiner sexting case briefed him on the emails they found to and from Hillary.

In connection with an unrelated case, the FBI has learned of the existence of emails that appear pertinent to the investigation,” Comey wrote the chairmen. “I am writing to inform you that the investigative team briefed me on this yesterday, and I agreed that the FBI should take appropriate investigative steps designed to allow investigators to review these emails to determine whether they contain classified information, as well as to assess their importance to our investigation.

In May of this year, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) grilled Comey over his statement that neither Huma Abedin nor Hillary Clinton had “intent” to violate federal law by sending classified information to persons without clearance.  Cruz made the point that “intent to violate the law [is] not required under the statute.”

In October 2016, less than two weeks before the election, FBI Director James Comey disclosed that the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email server had been reopened after classified emails from Huma Abedin were found on Anthony Weiner’s laptop as part of an unrelated investigation into Weiner’s sexting with a teenager.

The computer in question belonged to her husband, disgraced former congressman Anthony Weiner.  Last November, FBI notes revealed that Hillary had been sending her housekeeper emails containing classified information for the purpose of printing them out.

In his Senate Judiciary Committee testimony today, FBI Director James Comey reveals that Abedin had been forwarding classified information to her husband so that he could print it out for her to give to Hillary.

He further notes that no charges were pursued because the FBI could not determine intent to violate federal law.

Judicial Watch has finally obtained the emails via FOIA and has issued the following statement demanding that the investigation be reopened:

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton made the following statement regarding today’s pending 3:00 pm (Eastern) release by the U.S. Department of State of Huma Abedin’s work-related documents from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) that were found on her estranged husband Anthony Weiner’s personal laptop.

This is a major victory. After years of hard work in federal court, Judicial Watch has forced the State Department to finally allow Americans to see these public documents. It will be in keeping with our past experience that Abedin’s emails on Weiner’s laptop will include classified and other sensitive materials. That these government docs were on Anthony Weiner’s laptop dramatically illustrates the need for the Justice Department to finally do a serious investigation of Hillary Clinton’s and Huma Abedin’s obvious violations of law.

Watch Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton explain:


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Colonel Travis | December 30, 2017 at 6:25 pm

The lack of effort to investigate Hillary for anything is a joke.

So, what would be the point of tossing it back to FBI? We already know FBI is willing to do whatever it takes to find no Hillarious crimes.

Maybe somebody else could handle the case. Otherwise, I wouldn’t expect much, no matter how incriminating and unmistakable the evidence.

A serious mystery left over from the election is … why did Comey re-open (or pretend to re-open) the investigation when the new trove of e-mails were found? He had already decided to let Hillary skate, and no new evidence was going to affect that.

    rabidfox in reply to tom_swift. | December 30, 2017 at 8:46 pm

    I think he did it to get the computer out of the hands of the NYPD – remember there were rumors about possible pedophilia activity on that computer as well. Re-open the investigation, seize control of the computer, close the investigation. Keep attention on a very narrow aspect of that computer’s hard drive where the damage is already known rather than let OTHER info out that might hurt more than just Hillary.

What’s worse, this is not simply the mark of a criminally negligent corrupt pol, but one who was undeniably *lazy* to boot.

Think for a moment. Hillary had the opportunity to run dual-channel emails, one for all of her above-board SecState emails which are subject to being pawed through long after she left the office, and one for her role as double-dealing influence sales, buy your uranium here at discount prices. All she had to do is keep the criminal and the official separate, and the State Department would have been more than happy to provide a Secure SMEPED to do all the top secret stuff without a whiff of suspicion. Post SecState, everything on the criminal server could go poof and nobody would be the wiser. “All personal mail, nothing at all related to the Government job…”

If she had done that fairly trivial job, right now she would be POTUS. Thank God she’s lazy.

    You’re right, given the degree to which the “news” outlets cover for her, and the way the Obama DOJ and FBI were tipping the scales for her, a parallel server would have sealed the deal easily.

    But are you sure it was laziness? Personally I think she’s possessed with a level of hubris and flat out arrogance that is shocking. She thinks we’re all beneath her, law and ethics be damned. Well f*ck you, Hillary. LOL you lost AGAIN bitch.

Sessions has become the bad joke.
WTF is Trump tolerating this guy for?

    VenturaCapitalist in reply to | December 30, 2017 at 8:40 pm

    Col. Sessions is busy with his 11 herbs and spices.

    Trump would fire him, but the GOPe won’t allow it. I imagine McConnell has already threatened Trump if he tries; we already know that’s why he’s keeping the Senate in session.

    If you want justice, you must first get rid of the GOPe.

      100 percent correct.

      But 2018 will be the yeat of reckoning for that rat mcconnell.

        2020 will be his year of reckoning, as that’s when he’s up for re-election. I would normally expect him to resign when his polling numbers come out (like Flake and Corker did), but one doesn’t simply let go of that much power.

        Instead, I expect McConnell to use every dirty trick in the book and to call in every possible favor to bolster his campaign. Since Trump will also be up for re-election, I expect McConnell to lash his ship to Trump’s.

        We must not fall for it. We must be rid of this man in 2020.

As many have said since the news of the Clinton email server broke: I have a relative with a Top Secret/SCI clearance. That relative knows that a jail term would await if any classified materials were found in her private files or emails. But her name isn’t Clinton.

Where are F.B.I. Director Christopher Wray and Attorney General Jeff
Sessions? Are they part of the swamp too? Seems so.

VenturaCapitalist | December 30, 2017 at 8:38 pm

Andy McCarthy explains it all.
Time to Give Clinton’s Server Technician the Mueller Treatment

VenturaCapitalist | December 30, 2017 at 8:44 pm

There is simple, clear and conclusive proof of her felony violation of espionage law, right out there in the public domain.

Various court orders required release to the public of the messages on her toilet server. But first they had to be reviewed by the relevant agencies to make sure no classified information would be released.*

The CIA found “sources and methods” contained in dozens of messages. Before release to the public, the CIA redacts the information and replaces it with the classification code B3 CIA PERS/ORG. This means the classified sources and methods were present in the messages on her unsecured toilet server.

* One might wonder why such a review would be necessary since in her March 10, 2015 news conference she declared, “I did not email any classified material to anyone on my email. There is no classified material.”

And here are WaPoo and IBD musing on the toilet server being hacked.

It would be an excellent strategy to start “chunking up” the Hellary chain, one underling at a time.

Take them down, and let their guilt be very clearly shown. At the end, prosecuting Hellary will not be so politically inciting for the middle of the American political bell-curve.

In May of this year, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) grilled Comey over his statement that neither Huma Abedin nor Hillary Clinton had “intent” to violate federal law by sending classified information to persons without clearance. Cruz made the point that “intent to violate the law [is] not required under the statute.”

When classified information is intentionally mishandled, it’s usually toward the goal of espionage, for which there is another statute. Hillary et al were being investigated for negligent handling of classified material. The statute does not require intent, intent is not inherent to the charge when negligence itself is the crime. Negligence is the failure to do that which aught to have been done. Hillary’s intent was to hide her official electronic correspondence from the public. This caused her to neglect processes and procedures established to secure sensitive information. It was never her intent to put that information at risk, although it was a natural consequence of her actions. The idea that law enforcement would have to find intentional negligence in order to recommend prosecution mocks the meaning of neglect.

    Ted Cruz… Oh yeah, isn’t that the guy whose dad had something to do with the JFK assassination?

      All’s fair in political war.

      Just ask harry reid and gloria alred.

      And make no mistake- we are at war, no less than iranians seeking to shed the yoke of the establishment mullahs.

      Mac45 in reply to Paul. | December 31, 2017 at 8:14 pm

      No The question arose, during the campaign, as to whether a man standing behind Lee Harvey Oswald, preparing to hand out pamphlets for “Fair Play For Cuba”, in New Orleans prior to the Kennedy assassination was the elder Cruz.

      It was a picture of a man who resembled Bush 41, purported to have been taken in front of the Book Depository immediately after Kennedy’s assassination, while Bush was in the CIA. This led to questions as to whether G.H.W. Bush was there in relation to the assassination which occurred that day.

      The identity of the men in the photos has not been verified.

For anyone that doesn’t “get” why this (along with entire Clinton server debacle) is serious, may I share a short story.

I was in the US Army for 13 years 6 months and 3 days. I held a TS-SBI / SCI clearance during that time and worked in a SCIF at Ft. Bragg, Ft. Hood, Ft. Wainwright and Ft. Lee.

While at Ft. Wainwright I had a troop make a mistake with a classified MESL by leaving it uncovered. He lost his clearance and eventually was discharged because without his clearance he could not do the job he’d enlisted to do. There was no intent to disclose or misuse classified intelligence and the document in question never left the confines of the SCIF at Clark AFB (PI). In truth, everyone in the SCIF had a TS (minimum) clearance but unless you were directly assigned to a project you had no need to know making his mistake a violation.

Classified data was handled in a very serious manner back then and any breach could and did lead to serious consequences. Becoming lax with this material was not accepted and counter to Pres. Obama’s idea that there’s, “classified and then CLASSIFIED” was unheard of. Treating the gross negligence of Sec. Clinton and those who worked under her with kid gloves is ridiculous.

The Democrats tell us they’re worried about “hackers” yet seem to forget Sec. Clinton’s behavior or that AG Holder, Sec. Sebulus, Sec. Jackson, Ms. Learner and even Pres. Obama used off the books email addresses to communicate. Gee, they don’t believe a “hacker” could’ve worked backward on those fake email addresses? It’s like Mr. Strozk, he’s allegedly the head of Counter Intelligence but still thinks sending text messages to his paramour on a phone paid for by the DOJ is “smart”. Geez, we need some adults back in the room.

Clinton and her aides violated the law with regard to the handling of classified material. James Comey laid out a prima facia case for prosecution of Clinton, et al, for violation of those laws. so, put together a prosecution, charge or indict Clinton, et al, and let the courts sort it out. It will be interesting to see HRC, the smartest woman in the world, invoking the incompetent boob defense.